FOWC with Fandango – Fallout


Fandango’s FOWC today is fallout. I did something today that hopefully will not have any fallout. My daughter and 2 of the Zs had eye doctor appointments today. They go to my doc who is less than five minutes from my house.

I asked them to come by either before or after their appointments. They arrived with about 45 minutes to spare. I donned my mask, as did they. The kids came running up the stairs to greet me. I encircled each child, and my daughter, with a very long bear hug. Tears of relief and happiness overcame me. I missed my hugs so much.   

I have had both my vaccinations, but I have not reached the 14 days post 2nd shot. I am at 8 days. I needed those hugs as much as they did. We were all masked. We were outside the whole time. We sat in the sun on cushions on the ground. We talked about things like earrings and mask styles and school opening. My grandson is very happy with the ear piercing’s I gave hi for his birthday. My granddaughter has a new piercing going through her ear in two places. It is scary looking to me. It makes her happy though.

I needed my hug “fix” very badly. I pray there will be no fallout for hugging before my two weeks passed. I have no plans for putting myself nor my family in unnecessary danger. We have not hugged in over a year. My heart is happy.


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