Tourmaline’s Halloween Challenge – Candles

Tourmaline .’s Halloween Challenge – Candles

A couple of days ago the power went out in my house. I had just turned on the lights in the spare bedroom. I wondered if I blew a fuse. I looked out my front window to see that the entire neighborhood was dark. At least it wasn’t just my house. 

I looked for candles and matches. I found an entire box of Shabbat candles. Sadly, there were no matches to be found. I went out back to find my lighters by the BBQ. Silly me, I tried to turn the light on to see where the lighters were. 

I did eventually find some matches and the batteries to put in my lanterns. Then I remembered the 7 or 8 fake candles on my mantel. They aren’t very bright but they keep me from running into furniture. 

I used to love lighting candles all over the house. Now, after reading how many are unsafe, I am selective with where and when I use them.


Fibbin Friday😊


It’s Di’s turn to provide us with questions to fib about.


Ready? How’s your history?

1. What is a pince nez? It is a small nosepiece used to pinch your nose when going under water. (Try pinching your nose and say pinched nose.)
2. Who had the original telephone number Whitehall 1212? The original owner of that number was a house painter with only two fingers.
3. Who reportedly lived at 221B Baker Street? The brother of the above painter. He also only had two digits.
4. What happened in Pudding Lane in 1666? There was an abundance of milk and it was being poured down the drain. It rushed down the street right into a chocolate shop. It was so hot outside the milk and chocolate turned to what we now call pudding. Back then it was called chocomuck.
5. Who resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? A big orange dufus
6. What happened on the 8th August 1963? I was 9 years old and I got my first record player
7. Who lost their head on 16th October 1793? A pretty young thing was traveling from one town to the next . She was supposed to be taking her grandmother some yummy goodies. She met a stranger in the woods. She told him where she was going. He got there first and dressed in the grandmother’s clothing. You know the rest.
8. What was in operation between April 3 1860 and October 24 1861 but failed due to bankruptcy? The new operation was a Pony Express route. It went into bankruptcy  because of the finicky horses. They would only eat the best alfalfa which cost more than the money made from delivering the mail.
9. What is the significance of The Golden Hind? You would need to ask the person who had the Golden Front for their opinion.
10. Who was Spencer Perceval? He was the great uncle of Harry Potter. He was unknown to Harry because of his untimely demise. It is believed that he was not a muggle because he foresaw his end.

The A Mused Poetry Contest 10/17 – 10/23/2020 – Gold-diggers

The A Mused Poetry Contest 10/17 – 10/23/2020

Today we are asked to write a diamante poem about gold-diggers. This fun form of poetry was often an assignment in my science class. It shows the depth of understanding for the topic given.

Adjective, Adjective
Verb, Verb, Verb
Noun, Noun, Noun, Noun
Verb, Verb, Verb
Adjective, Adjective

Sultry, Fake
Lying, Cheating, Scheming
Seductress, Jezebel, , Partner, Confidant
Caring, Loving, Holding
Honest, Charming



Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner: 2020: Week #45

Picture reference: MorgueFIle 1440692621e5v0g

Written for Roger Shipp’s Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner.


I am going to ace this class. I have done all the reading they asked. I read until I could hardly stay awake. I have listened to the audio tapes over and over again. I can answer any question they throw at me.

This is my final class for my master’s degree. Who would have thought a psych major would need to learn about world religions. It’s the opposite context of every other class I have taken. My brain is trying hard to keep this new information in it’s own box so it doesn’t intermingle with my prior beliefs.

After I take my orals, I should have time to do some reading for pleasure. I have a host of books that are waiting for me. I wonder which I shall read first. Do I go for self-help, light fiction, a comic autobiography, or something more meaningful?

I think I am leaning toward Kabbalah for Beginners.