A Very Hard Day – Good Energy For Annie

Last night we were taking a walk around the block with Annie. We had her harness on her because she doesn’t like other dogs. She usually growls and then walks on. There were no dogs out, as usual. We walked on the next street over halfway down the street. Annie contorted and wiggled and somehow got herself out of her harness.

She immediately ran back up the street to where a very large dog always barks at her as we pass. Both my spouse and I have feet issues and I was walking with my cane. He ran as best he could to get Annie. She had her nose under the chain link fence in an instant and the dog grabbed her face and was biting and shaking her.

We were screaming. The owner came out and was screaming at her dog. We got Annie away and her face had a great deal of blood. We immediately came home and I gently washed her face. I could see lacerations. I called the vet’s office and their message machine referred me to an emergency clinic.

I called the clinic and they said they were only taking animals at death’s door. The bleeding had stopped and I figured I would have to wait until the morning. I slept by Annie all night. She woke in the morning with a swollen part on her mouth. She wasn’t interested in eating.

I called the vet and they informed me that they had no appointments until next week. I was very upset to say the least. I called around until I found a vet who would see her this morning. They got her in and I had to drop her off without contact. Luckily the vet tech asked lot of questions and I also wrote a long note explaining what I wanted looked at.

She was in surgery for over three hours. She has multiple stitches inside her mouth and on her muzzle. She looks so sad. She has pain meds and antibiotics and a cone for two weeks. She may have nerve damage. She may still lose 5 teeth. She cannot play fetch, eat hard food, or run around. This is going to be hard on her. 

I had to remove the doggie doors because she cannot go in and out of them with the cone. I will sleep on the couch with her bed nearby because she is not supposed to do the stairs. She had some soft food tonight with her meds inside. Happily she ate it all instantly.

I am not in a frame of mind to do blogging right now. I am too worried about my Annie. She is in bad shape. I shall give her all my attention and care right now.

I will miss the support and care from here.

Better times will come.


Annie Pants

Fandango’s Dog Days of August –


Fandango has a new prompt for August to get the juices flowing.

I was not online until fairly late today. It was a great busy Monday for me. I just saw the word for Monday and didn’t want to pass on the prompt opportunity.

I’ve always been a fan of Mondays. While teaching, Monday’s meant new lessons and new topics to share. My work spouse and I signed up for the computers on Monday’s. We had a rack of 40 to share between 4 classes for years. Then we had 2 racks, so only 2 teachers had to share. My last year teaching, there was a rack for each teacher.

I would spend my weekend finding and creating webquests that would interest the kids. They looked forward to being on the computers Monday. If a students was absent on Monday they would often ask if they could come in my class during lunch to do the activity. It was a well received activity.   

I still see Monday as a start to a new week. That is of course, when I remember it is Monday. Today my goal was to cut down some furniture. I am trying to downsize my household items, literally and figuratively. I have some large oak pieces of furniture that take up way too much room. Sooooo, I got out the tools and went at the furniture. My thought process was that if I destroyed the furniture, then it would just get sent to the dump. If I succeeded, then I had a project to work on.   

I went after the first cabinet after removing the glass doors. The doors were not easy to remove. I accomplished just what I wanted to do. Next, I went upstairs and started on the larger cabinet. This time I remembered to take a before and after picture.


A I still need to do more sanding, then painting. I am very happy with my Monday chore of deconstructing furniture. 

What Do You See? #41

img_1945 Sadje at Keep It Alive took time from her busy schedule to give us a prompt for What Do You See?

Image credit- Lewis Roberts- Unsplash     (For the visually challenged reader, the image shows a baby monkey looking down from branches of a tree)

There were bananas in here the last time we came through. Mom always shows me where the best treats are. She says I am getting too old to nurse, but that is still my favorite way to get food. I’ll just wait here until she brings me some treats. She said I’d be safe here until she came back.