Bloganuary – Dreams

This post is part of the WordPress Bloganuary Challenge 2022 where everyone is provided with a writing prompt each day. Today’s prompt was to write about a dream you remember.

I’ve enjoyed reading the prompts and blogs for Bloganuary. I haven’t responded to most though because, well…..

Yesterday I was grieving and dealing with more emotions than I felt I could handle. I took my meds early in the hope of getting some sleep. Yeah, not so much. I typically have very detailed and vivid dreams. I often remember one or more the next day. Last night I was awake more than asleep. I kept waking up with strange but not frightening dreams.

The most vivid one was also the silliest. I had a dream that I was in my PJs cleaning the bathroom. My mom came around the door and entered the bathroom. She was wearing flannel PJ bottoms in a fabric I had years ago. It was pink and grey plaid. She also had on an oversized T-shirt. I never made her PJs, so I thought that was weird.

Our conversation was strange to say the least. I asked her why she was there, and did she know she was dead. She said she knew it but wanted to visit. She stood tall (as tall as a 5-foot 2-inch person can) without the hunched over position she had been in for years. I was gleeful at her healthy appearance. I then asked her why she was bald. She said she had been partying and everyone had shaved their heads at the party. We had a short cohesive conversation, and I awoke at 3 AM giggling.

I have not had this type of dream about my mom before. I don’t know if I had the dream because I was missing my mom so much, because I needed a release from the sadness I was feeling, because my mom visited from the other realm, or because my subconscious manifested what I needed. It doesn’t matter either. All that matters is that I had a convo with my mom that made me happy. It was a dream state that I wished lasted longer.

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Fibbing Friday – January 21

It’s Di’s turn to host Fibbing Friday

Ignore the truth as you know it and make something up for these familiar nursery rhymes though please remember to keep it family friendly. Thanks!

1. What did Miss Muffett sit on? Her favorite holiday muff
Halco 777 Muff - White

2. Who tried to gatecrash her dinner? The local furrier
On the job with a furrier - YouTube3. What did Wee Willie Winkie do? He got a bad case of pink eye
Pink eye a possible early warning sign of coronavirus, eye doctors report4. How many blackbirds were baked in a pie? None, they were busy holding up the clothes
Blackbird Behaviour - The RSPB
5. Who sold seashells on the sea shore? Hobby Lobby Craft Store
A Beginner's Guide to Collecting Seashells as a Hobby - HobbyLark6. What did Peter Piper pick? Pipers to play at parties
Top 7 Best Bagpipes of 2022 Reviews - Old-Time Music
7. What ran up the clock? The cat waiting for the mice
8. What was daddy going to wrap Baby Bunting in? A recycled sweater
Newborn Baby Wrap Swaddle Blanket, Baby Kids Knit Blanket Sleeping Bag Stroller Wrap for 0-12 Month Baby Light gray on Walmart | AccuWeather Shop
9. Where did Doctor Foster go? Dr. Foster, aka Dr. Fun, went to ad agency looking for imposters to pretend to be doctors 

10. What was the old man doing when it was pouring with rain?
He sat sipping cider through a straw.

dVerse – Monday Quadrille – Shiver

Merril is hosting at dVerse today. We are asked to write  quadrille using the word shiver.

Quadrille: A poetic form introduced at dVerse Poets Pub circa 2011. The rules for Quadrille: not including the title, a poem of exactly 44 words using the prompt word or its variant.


I’m called to duty, I must clarify
Thankful I’m not teaching junior high
My higher power, whom I call Adonai
Placed me here so that I might notify
Remember don’t ever turn a blind eye
I shiver when teens need to sing a lullaby  

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Share Your World

Melanie brightens our world with questions every Monday. Things are a little different today. From Melanie:
“I’ve gotten five questions and will link each with a link to their site.  Just click on their names (below).  Excellent questions and a bit of a change up from the same old stuff. ”

Questions From Fabulous Bloggers

12-17-2021  Cyranny  “What’s the worst day of the week for you?”  Why?  I have no worst day of the week. I am retired and the only “bad” days are ones where I struggle to find gratitude. Happily, that doesn’t happen too often.

1-3-2022   Mrs. A (Jazzocracy)   Mrs A proposes a question for a future SYW. “Would you ever consider posing naked or semi-naked for the camera or a live audience (acting in a play)?”  Not even for ten million dollars!

1-10-2022  Di    With the recent energy crisis here in the UK, would you prefer electric, gas, oil or some other means of heating your home? The lesser of evils here is natural gas. Every source has risen terribly though.

1-10-2022  Marilyn  When this pops up later tonight, I MIGHT have thought of a few questions. Like: In your household, who takes care of the bills, taxes, and other financial stuff? Is one person responsible or is it a shared chore? And this has made me notice that my phone is missing. Oops. I do all the bills. Taxes are done by a professional. I am a saver, so I learned long ago to pay myself first. 

1-10-2022  Yinglan  Not sure if this question was asked before. It’s a bit of a silly one: If you can have any one job (real or fiction) in the galaxy (yes, the galaxy, I’m widening the search radius, imagining relocation to other planets possible), what is that job?  As long as we are living in a fantasy world, I’d like to be a tour guide to other planets with similar life forms.

GRATITUDE SECTION  (as always optional) Who are you grateful for?  I am grateful for me, never giving up.

May be an image of 1 person and text that says "You can rise up from anything. You can completely recreate yourself. Nothing is permanent. You're not stuck. You have choices. You can think new thoughts. You can learn something new. You can create new habits. All that matters is that you decide today and never look back. Idil Ahmed"