Share Your World –

Melanie is our host for Share Your World. My Mondays are made better for her questions.

1) What is one topic you really like to talk about? Or something you really want to tell people? I enjoy talking about scrapbooking, purging my household collections, and places I have traveled.

2) What do you normally never tell strangers about yourself? (be general, I don’t need to know details or invade privacy) Most anything

3) Have you ever broken anything?  (can be health related, emotion related, or situation related – you define “broken anything” for your own satisfaction) I’ve broken both my baby toes numerous times. I broke my front tooth when I fell off a bunk bed at age 12. 

4) Is having a big ego a negative trait or positive trait? It depends if the big ego is shared more often than it should be. Feeling good about yourself is good, needing to shove it down someone’s throat is not.

What aspects of your city or neighborhood are you grateful for?
I am grateful for the quiet neighborhood I live in. I am grateful that there are hummingbirds and butterflies visiting most days. 


Share Your World – June 7

Polishing the world

Melanie is our host for Share Your World.

1) When you were a kid, did you eat the crusts on your sandwich or not? I did eat the crusts, it never occurred to me not to.

2) Are you a fan of musicals—why or why not? I do enjoy musicals. I started seeing them as a teen and was surprised at how much I liked them.

3) Is it difficult to do what you do? (for a living, hobby etc.).  If you’re retired, what you ‘did’ previously for a job can be substituted. I was a teacher before retirement. It was a very difficult job, but I loved it. I took my job seriously.  I spent nights and weekends working on lessons and grading. I worried about the well-being of all the kids and especially those who needed me the most.

4) What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to?  (Doesn’t have to be a rock concert either). I saw Eydie Gorme and Robert Goulet at the Carousel theater in West Covina in the late 60s. I had never seen to a musical before. It was amazing.

GRATITUDE SECTION: Looking back over your life, what is one thing you’re grateful for?  One thing you really regret? I am grateful for my paternal grandparents keeping me in their life after my parents divorced. I really regret not knowing my maternal grandparents well. They lived across the country and did not have a good relationship with my mom. They moved to CA for one year and I got to know them a little. I was an adult at the time and realized how much I missed out on.

Share Your World – May 16

The image today is courtesy of the fantastic Sadje with subtle changes by MBC!
Melanie brings us here wonderful questions every Monday, Today’s are not for the week of heart.

1) Do you become discouraged by the annual “Blogging Ennui” phenomenon that comes around every year?    (it’s early this year IMO) (blogging ennui means (to me) a distinct slow down in writing and participation, which lasts an indefinite period of time). I try to go with the flow. I miss others when they take time off to rest and relax, But, I am glad they are taking care of themselves. I don’t push myself to more than I should. (Well, I am trying) 

2) If you were in a room filled with you and your doppelganger (someone who looks exactly like you do.  Supposedly everyone has at least one out there in the world)  and 2 billion dollars, what would you do?   What do you think your doppelganger would do? I think I’d logically explain that we each had out own half and part ways. After  getting a place near the beach, I would have a great time giving to good causes. 

3) A building is burning. You have time to either save a child trapped inside or a valuable painting which you would then sell, using the money to save 20 children from starvation. What would you do and why? In my mind, there is no question as to what is right. I could never NOT save a child trapped inside a burning building.

4) What’s your opinion of yams or sweet potatoes? I’m going to evoke my Dr. Seuss. I will not eat them on my plate. I’d much rather go out and skate. Do not hide them in a pie. I’d throw it at you, square in the eye. Do not tell me that they taste good. I’ll laugh at you, just like I should. 


I am grateful for my ancestors. 

Share Your World

Melanie is our host for Share Your World. It’s late but I wanted to answer her questions before heading off to sleep.

  1. What two totally normal things become really weird if you do them back to back? I have to admit to going out for a donut after having my physical. 
  2. What is something that you just recently realized that you are embarrassed by, that you didn’t realize embarrassed you?  I’m stumped by this one. 
  3. If  Australia (including New Zealand and Tasmania – which I KNOW are different countries) seafood ; the UK fish and chips, Ireland potatoes, Germany little dog sausages, the USA burgers and fries, and Brazil barbequed beef or Italy pizza were represented by one food, which would it be for each?
  4. What might happen if Goldilocks and the Three Bears were set in modern times? Their lawyers would be billing them for thousands of dollars worth of billable hours.
  5. Where was the most most embarrassing or inappropriate place you’ve passed audible gas? Having my adjustment at the chiropractor.

GRATITUDE SECTION: If you celebrate it, how was your Mother’s Day?  What did you do?   If you don’t (because you’re a single guy or it’s not in your culture) please share something fun you did recently.
My SO and I tried to go out for lunch. My first choice had a special menu (read over priced) for the usual items and  a 15% additional charge because it was Mother’s Day. We left, at my insistence. The second place had no parking places which I took as the universe not wanting us to go there. Right down the street was the deli I used to love to go to since I was a kid. There was only one other table there. We split a sub sandwich and had beverages. It was wonderful. By the time we left, there was a long line waiting to order and pick up large party platters. it was perfect. 

Share Your World – May 2

Melanie is our host for Share Your World. This week the questions were provided by bloggers responding to her blog.






1) Tena (I can’t find her blog, does anyone know if she’s left?)   What constitutes a sandwich in your opinion?   Is it only the standard two slices of bread, filling (including spreads or meats and cheeses and veggies), put together in a stack?  I think a sandwich is “stuff” between two slices of bread, a bagel, Naan, etc. 

2) Marilyn of Serendipity (In March, didn’t get the date. My bad)     Are ‘strong’ and ‘tough’ in regard to character the same thing or different?   Please explain your reasoning for either side you pick. I think if you are tough, you “fight back,” If you are strong, you deal with things the best you can.

3) Paula Light of Light Motifs II  (4-5-2022)
What’s your opinion on RSVPs? Obviously, formal occasions require them, but what about invitations to dinner/movies and the like? If a friend invites you to something, are you obligated to reply? What if you say yes and change your mind? How much notice is enough? Is it OK to simply no-show to a casual social event you’ve already agreed to?   INHO of someone invites me to something, I am indeed obligated to reply. It is never OK to no-show if you said you would go. If something comes up, then you should tell the person you will not be able to attend. It is only polite. 

4) Sadje: (4-5-2022) Do you think Hell has walls? I personally don’t believe in hell. 

5) A Unique Title For Me
(Jim)  (4-5-2022)
What would you name your boat if you had one? Annie
What will finally break the internet? Greed
If you had to change your name, what would your new name be, and why would you choose that name?  Mary Poppins, because I’d have an automatic conversation starter.
What are some things that sound like compliments but are actually insults?  You’re looking good today.  Well that’s an “interesting” look on you.
If you could know the absolute and total truth to one question, what question would you ask?  How do we achieve world peace?

6) Marilyn (4-5-2022) How many bloggers are trying to balance the likelihood that WordPress will hike prices against the near certainty that their computers are ready to roll over and die? Far too many

7) Cyranny of Cyranny’s Cove (4-28-2022 – from her amazing “Cyranny’s Quickie” series)   What’s the most impressive, or oddest thing you’ve ever fixed with duct tape (or something similar)?  I’ve used duct tape to repair the handle on a hockey stick. I’m not sure that’s odd.