One Liner Wednesday

For Linda Hill’s One-Liner Wednesday.

Sometimes you have to let go of the picture you thought life would be like and learn to find joy in the story you’re actually living.       Rachel Marie Martin


JusJoJan Catch Up

I attempted to write a blog post again last night. Once again, I was unable to see anything under the My Sites column. I was unable to write in classic editor. By 1 AM, I gave up.

Last night was a bad night. Acid reflux and nausea were keeping me uncomfortable and awake. This morning I tried again to write and found that if I went into block editor, clicked on the big W, I was taken back to where I could post.

I’ve decided rather than go into the drama surrounding my water leak, I’m going to do a roundup of JusJoJan. This is all a stream so forgive me if it doesn’t flow naturally.

Jan. 19’s word for JustJoJan was ‘complaint’  provided by John. I am very compliant when it comes to following the directions of my doctor’s. I figure they know more than I do, so if I have questions about some protocol, I’ll ask.
I am compliant with the rules of the road. I don’t run yellow lights. I always use my turn signals. I don’t tailgate. I get annoyed with drivers who feel they do not need to be compliant.

Tuba provided Jan. 20’s prompt, ‘phantom’. At one point some of my doctors assumed that my coccyx pain was just a phantom pain. Low and behold, eight months later it is still bothering me. I am grateful that I kept pushing my doctor’s to find out the cause because it led to the discovery of my cancer. There is still no resolution to my coccyx pain.

January 21 – SoCS (“count on it”)  I can count on the universe to throw more and more tumble weeds in my path. On the occasions where there is a concrete block hidden in the middle, I struggle to move the weed out of my way. I still try hard to keep one foot in front of the other. I still fight my way to find some joy. I can count on it being good for me to find happiness.

Kaye brought us Jan. 22’s word, seasonal’. Here in Southern California, we are having what ‘used to be’ seasonal rainstorms. We have been in a serious drought for years so this abundance of rain is very welcomed. I do worry though about the possibility of too much seasonal rain.

Paula supplied the JusJoJan prompt, ‘paintbrush’ for Jan. 23. If I were able to use a paintbrush to illustrate my cancer, it would look like an ugly blob running from my body. It would be smaller and smaller every time I receive a treatment.

Linda gave us the Jan. 24 word, ‘ideal’, which was brought to us by Astrid. In an ideal world, there would be no cancer. There would be no addiction stealing loved ones away. In an ideal world, our pets would live as long as we do. In an ideal world, Covid would not have ever destroyed lives.

Jan 25 was Linda’s One Liner Wednesday.

J-Dub delivered  Jan. 26’s prompt, ‘family’. Family is of the utmost importance to me. You can never have too many people that love you. I am grateful for the friends that are my family and are there for me in numerous ways.

Kim brought us Jan. 27 JusJoJan prompt, ‘amenities’. Someone I care about was explaining about the amenities she has at her infusion center. Happily, hers is not for cancer. Her center looks more like a day spa with free meals provided. The best amenity my cancer infusion center has, is the wonderful staff. I am grateful for my ability to get treated at a cancer center that cares so much.

Linda’s Jan. 28 prompt for SoCS and JusJoJan was ‘throw in the towel’. I am grateful that if, or when I feel like I might want to throw in the towel, my tribe boosts me up. I am in this challenge for the long haul. I have no intention of throwing in the towel. I will make it to a one story house closer to the beach. I will be near my source of joy.

Wendy chose January 29’s JusJoJan prompt, ‘exercise’. Because of my numerous physical challenges, I am unable to do most forms of exercise. I found the perfect solution in my water physical therapy. Once I fractured my ankle, I had to stop. It made me very sad. Now that I have the port in my chest, I cannot go to water therapy. At some point in the future, I will be allowed to submerge my body. As soon as I get the go ahead, I will continue my water exercise that I enjoyed so much.

Dawn supplied Jan. 30’s JusJoJan prompt, ‘canine’. Annie has been a life saver through all my ups and downs. She “reads” my moods to comfort me when needed. I am grateful for her loving care. She is definitely a four-legged member of my tribe.

This post took me much longer than expected. My spouse’s computer is slow and jumpy. But I made it. I checked and an hour ago Linda posted the last JusJoJan prompt. The last prompt is ‘write’. The mere act of writing a blog post is huge for me. It means that I am doing something I enjoy very much. It means I am not in agonizing pain. It means my head is functioning. Writing means that I am still a member of the real world. I am grateful that I have this forum to write and share my thoughts.