Fibbing Friday – March 26 – Sewing Questions

Di is the host this week for Fibbing Friday.

As the title of this series suggests, truth is not an option because the idea is to fib, the bigger and more inventive or outrageous the better, but remember to keep it family friendly. We all need some light relief at the moment, so it’s good to raise a smile. Besides, it’s tax free and exercises more muscles in your face than a frown. Have some fun with the questions.

1. What is a tie dye? It is when you are hung from a tree with ties.

2. What is a raglan sleeve? It is a sleeve made from scraps because you ran out of fabric to finish the shirt.

3. What is seersucker? A bird that dive bombs, and then sucks up, worms on the grass after the rain

4. What is meant by a dropped waist? A boxing punch that lands below the belt

5. What is a yoke collar? What is left after a very messy eater has a two minute egg

6. What is meant by pigeon toed? A person who has lost two toes in an industrial accident

7. How many pleats are in a kilt? It depends on who is doing the ironing

8. What is bias binding? When the publisher changes your book cover without the approval of the author

9. What is Velcro? The name of my dog when I am not feeling well  

10. What is twill webbing? The feet of the Do Do bird

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