Gratitude – Grandkids

I listened to Louise Hay’s Morning Gratitude Meditation this morning. It was a gentle reminder to keep looking at the good things in my life.

Then I read Di and David’s poem on The Skeptic’s Kaddish this morning. They completed a  ‘Reverse Abecedarium‘, which I had never heard of. Out of nowhere, I was reminded of a terrific day with the grandkids. I am not  the poet that either David or Di are, but I have fun.

Z grandkids and 1 R
Yawping with glee out back
Xenacious as they explore the stations
With numerous activities to enjoy
Voices filled with excitement
Unabashed glee
Tumbling from place to place
Sharing the experience
Requiring little restraint
Quite a unique summer
Out of the ordinary
No clothing required
Managing to stay cool
Laughing at themselves
Kindness to each other
Jumping into the little pool
Impressed with their interactions
Happy to see all the smiles
Going to remember these moments
Family together
Enjoying a special
Day outside
Counting my
And hoping for more days like this



Photo Challenge #428

Depression is a scary adversary.
You may or may not know when it overtakes you.
It destroys all joy and happiness as well as peace of mind.
It steals your ability to complete daily functions.
Your world begins to cave in all around you.
There is always hope though.
Your tribe can assist with awareness.
They can show you the way out.
Help is there when you are ready.
Slowly return to the world of joy.

Written for the Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Photo Challenge.
Photo credit: Marco Bianchetti at Unsplash.

Projects, Pains, and Painting

I spend hours each morning, when I’m physically capable, outside. After feeding and playing with Annie, I decide what project I want to attack. There is a vast amount of work to be done in my back yard. Suffice it to say, that if I had money to burn, I’d hire out many of the tasks.

I’m not certain exactly when I had my SO extend the large ladder for me. To my recollection, the Little Giant ladder has been up for almost a year waiting for me to paint my balcony. I made the decision to devote the three weeks he was driving to Canada to see his mom, to working on my project. I figured I could knock out the chore in the allotted time. I knew the time would fly by quickly, so I set an area goal when I started each morning.

Before he left, we put up a three-foot deep kiddie pool so I could cool off during this awful heat. Moving the ladder in the restrictive space was very difficult for me. After working in my yard each morning, I go in the pool. Each night I go in the pool again and then cover it, so the critters don’t go swimming. I do not like to share my space with uninvited guests.

I was hindered working because of my broken toe. I’ve only been able to wear adjustable sandals because of my taped pinkie toe. Right after he left, I hurt the same foot again. I climbed off the ladder, took off my sandals, and got the hose to water my planters. Stupidly, I smacked the same foot into the heavy ladder. This time I was sure I rebroke the pinkie toe as well as two or three other toes. I fell to the ground in tears. Knowing the protocol, I taped the toes and then iced them. This put a damper on my plans to get everything done on time.

On Monday, Annie stepped on my taped foot and I thought I was going to pass out. I called my doctor’s office Tuesday and was able to get a telemedical visit with the NP. She sent an order to the medical clinic so I could get an x-ray. I made the drive to get the x-ray ASAP.  I was told there would be a 24-hour turnaround time for the results. I called Thursday and then again Friday trying to get the results. Each time, I was told I would be getting a call back. I still haven’t heard anything. Gotta love medical offices.

Doing a little each day meant I was able to sand, fill, scrape, use Bondo, sand again, prime, and paint the wood. Yesterday, I finished the front and the left side. I am proud of myself for not continuing past my pain threshold. I take days away from my chore as needed. My body decides what I will be able to accomplish.

Today was a do-nothing day. It is the 7th anniversary of my mom’s passing. I spent the day thinking of all the great memories I made with my mom. Typically, I only go shopping early in the morning. Today, I went to the store in the afternoon to get supplies for her and my favorite lunch. It felt good to make a Reuben sandwich in her honor. It was nice seeing the Shutterfly memories of 6 years ago when I went to Michigan to visit her sister and my cousin. It was comforting getting messages from loved ones who remembered the date. I am feeling blessed.

Written for:
Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – Memory,
 hosted by Sue W and GC
Wednesday challenge from Susan and GC POOL.
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w3 Prompt 12 Weave Written Weekly – Memories

I love the memories of my daughters when they were adorable babies
I relish the reminiscences of spending time with my grandparents
I cherish the memories of my grandbabies experiencing many of their firsts
I enjoy remembering the celebrations I’ve shared with loved ones
I have wonderful recollections of visiting places far, far from home
I treasure the loving visits I shared with my mom in her later years
I take delight in thinking about the emotional strength given to me by my tribe
I appreciate all the four legged souls that have touched my heart
I am thankful for all the times loved ones have shown their care for me
I am indebted to authors that helped changed my life for the better
I am fortunate to continue learning how to care for the little girl inside of me

Tseverywhere - good memories good memories everywhere

In response to the Wea’ve Written Weekly prompt on Skeptics Kaddish. This week’s prompt poem is “Manilla” by Michelle Navajas. Please read Michelle’s poem and join in on the prompt by visiting the post here.

Mich’s prompt guidelines are:
12 lines of free verse
must include the adjective “adorable”