SoCS – Collar – Better Late Than Never

I know it’s not Saturday. But my brain is experiencing an overload of thoughts and I wanted to respond to SoCS from last Saturday.  The prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday was “collar.”
Use it as a verb, a noun, or metaphorically. Bonus points for using it in all three ways! Enjoy!

The first collar I thought of was Annie’s of course. I always wonder if she dislikes having on her neck or not. I don’t want it to be too tight, but she is a magician at getting it off. I need her to be safe. So silly me, I have begun taking it off when I am 100% sure we are going nowhere all day. I don’t know if I am making her happy or frustrated when I put the collar back on.

The second thought was to all the collars I have ironed in my life. You know, one of those, “if I had a nickle for every ……, ” kind of things.  I have gone through phases of hating to iron, liking the peace of ironing in front of the television, ironing only when my arm was twisted, and now ironing everything I am sewing as it makes my seams lay flat.

My only other thought on collars is the fact that I can’t stand wearing them. All my clothes need to loose, nonrestrictive, and barely touching my skin. My fibro has made my skin so sensitive. I honestly don’t think I own many/any collared shirts.

Thursday Inspiration # 74 – Butterfly


Paula Light says, “Welcome to Thursday Inspiration! This is my weekly prompt and hopefully it will inspire you to write something creative, perhaps a poem or a piece of flash fiction.” The theme is butterfly.


As I cleaned out your house I did my best to do all that you asked.
I must admit I was surprised at all the butterfly decorations I found.
I never knew you were such a fan.
I knew of most of your “collections.”
These graceful creatures surprised me and made me smile.
Always trying to let the world think you were such a tough cookie.
I knew better.
I knew your heart better than most.
The butterflies were symbolic for me.
I needed to accept your transitioning from this world.
I welcome the fact that now when I see butterflies they give me spiritual strength.
I think of you and how I must continue my own transformation.
Thank you for the many butterfly reminders.
I know you are still looking over me.





#Three Things Challenge – #361

Di at Pensitivity101 gives us three things to write a post about.

Your three things today are:



Fall season has started in most parts of the world. Here in So Cal, not so much. The leaves are falling off the tress, but mine do not have the wonderful colors that the fall season brings elsewhere. I have a huge pile of leaves to clean up on the side yard. They are so thick that you cannot even see the cement walkway beside my tool shed. 

I am still fortunate to be able to enjoy the early morning cool temps before the 90+ degree hits my yard. Annie and I play fetch. Then we sit on the swing and I tell her all my woes. She waits for my loving sentiments about how she is the best dog in the world.   

I wait for the cooler temperatures. I pray for the people in fire areas. I hope the air gets cleaner soon. I am eager for fall.


I Pledge Allegiance… — serial monography: forgottenman’s ruminations

This is a reblog and I am unsure if I did it correctly.

Carey Wedler, a cohort of Beau of the Fifth Column, shows us what the U.S. Pledge of Allegiance looks like when you remove the chaff:Beau, as you might expect (if you recall my past postings of his rants) has a wonderful follow-up critique:

I Pledge Allegiance… — serial monography: forgottenman’s ruminations