Share your World – Tomorrow is Another Day

Melanie is our host for Share Your World. She asks the questions and we get to answer them. It seems like a formula for success.

1) When it’s all said and done, will you have said more than you’ve done? As I am a non-stop talker/writer, I doubt I could ever do as much as I say. I am grateful for all that I have done in this lifetime though. 

2) What does the world need less of? So many things come to mind. I ‘ll stick with the first thing that came into my mind, EVIL (That covers so many of my secondary answers – politicians, law makers, criminals, racists, bullies, etc.)

3) Do you feel older or younger than your age? Mentally, I usually feel younger. Physically, it changes on my daily pain levels.  Usually, I feel older.

4) What is a cause you’ll always passionately support? I will always support women’s rights in every form. From the most basic right to be in control of her body to equality in the work force women are in need of respect and power.

GRATITUDE SECTION (as always, optional) – What is your personal affirmation if you have one?   (for this instance “affirmation means emotional support or encouragement.” )

Throwback Thursday – The Pets In My Life

Welcome back to Throwback Thursday Bloghop, where Maggie and I alternate offering a blog topic about a nostalgic object, event, or memory. 

To join in, write a post with your response to my topic. You can share a story or poem about yourself, your family, or your friends. Feel free to use the photo above in your post and tag it with #TBTMemory or #IRememberWhen to make it easier for others to find.  After you’ve written your reply post, please link it here to this week’s prompt page and check to make sure it’s here.  You can also add your thoughts to the comments below if that works best to you.
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Welcome back to Throwback Thursday Bloghop, where Maggie and I alternate offering a blog topic about a nostalgic object, event, or memory.

To join in, write a post with your response to my topic. You can share a story or poem about yourself, your family, or your friends. Feel free to use the photo above in your post and tag it with #TBTMemory or #IRememberWhen to make it easier for others to find.  After you’ve written your reply post, please link it here to this week’s prompt page and check to make sure it’s here.  You can also add your thoughts to the comments below if that feels best to you.

Today’s subject: The Pets in My life
Ask most psychologists why pets are good for kids, and they’ll probably tell you it is because they teach responsibility. That may be true, but in my opinion, pets are the greatest way to share unlimited love.

Did you grow up with pets in your home? What do you think the best thing about having a pet was? Was your life changed by having pets? Were you allowed to choose a pet yourself, or were there “family” pets?  Are you a dog, or a cat person? Did you ever have an unusual pet? Did you ever envy friends who had a pet that you wanted? How have you dealt with the loss of a pet?

My response is below.
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I’ve edited this post multiple times. I’ve culled details to make it an easier read. I hope you still get the feeling of how much I have loved the dogs in my life.

Growing up we always had pets. Our house was where lost or abandoned cats came to live. I know we had a bird or two growing up. My mom played a record for hours to try and teach the bird to talk. I remember to this day the words. It said, ” hello baaaaby, wanna kiss?” Imagine listening to this every day for hours on end with no reward EVER.

My earliest memories of dogs were the Pekingese dogs my mom raised. They were the cutest things ever. I remember a few of their names, but not many. I have a very funny memory about Shoo Shoo. We somehow acquired a Siamese cat my mom named Pyewacket. Pyewacket liked to hide on the top of the refrigerator until Shoo Shoo walked past. Then she would jump off the fridge right onto Shoo Shoo, scaring the crud out of the poor dog. Maybe that is why I am attached to dogs and not cats.

My mom, me, and pups 1960 something.


Dogs were more of a constant in my life than stepdads. The dogs were loving, caring, and I needed them as much as they needed me. I don’t ever remember being without a dog in the house. They made great cry pillows too. I enjoyed walking the dogs, grooming them, and luckily most of the time, the boys had to pick up the messes. I rarely met a dog I didn’t like. I can’t say that about stepdads.

When I was a teen, I got the first dog that was just mine. She was a poodle mix and I adored her. When my first spouse and I moved into our own home I was 18. I didn’t know that my dog was so possessive. She wouldn’t let him in the bed if she got there first. She would growl at him which made him nervous. (I guess she knew something I did not. LOL)

When I got my daughters a dog, I knew full well that I would be taking care of it. I didn’t mind a bit. When our golden was impregnated by two different dogs who jumped the 6-foot block wall, I had no idea how hard it would be to rehome the 9 puppies. It was not because we couldn’t find homes. It was because my girls were heartbroken about them leaving. We decided to try and keep one of Goldie’s daughters. We kept Cinnamon. When Goldie was the only dog, she was great. But being with her daughter caused Goldie to become a wild girl who destroyed tons of things (in the name of fun). Luckily, we had a friend that wanted Cinnamon when she was a year old. We were able to see her often.  Apart, both dogs were terrific.

After Goldie crossed the rainbow bridge, I was inconsolable. I knew I didn’t want another Golden. I couldn’t replace the wonderful dog I had for fourteen years with another dog.

Eventually we adopted a Brittany Spaniel puppy. I knew nothing of the breed. She was amazing. Sadly, she had symptoms of parvo just two days after we got her. I was furious with the people we bought her from. They lied about her shots. I was already in love with the little bundle. She was quarantined at the vets office for the longest time. I would go before school and after school to see her. I would suit up in safety clothes, sit on a stool, and pet and cuddle her. When she came home, we all rejoiced. Punkin, was with us for sixteen years. I am happy for the wonderful memories of her I hold in my heart. We had many adventures with Punkin.

My younger daughter wanted a dog of her own when she turned 18. We went to the dog pound, and she picked out Honey. She wanted to rescue the entire litter. I had to be the bad guy and insist on only bringing one home. Punkin and Honey hit it off right away. It was fun to see them romp and play together. It was more entertaining than any TV show.

When Punkin crossed the rainbow bridge, I still had Honey for a few more years. They dogs left their paw prints on my heart. It took a little while before I was ready for another dog. I decided to rescue senior Brittany’s because even though I knew I wouldn’t have them as long, I wanted to give a dog in need a good home.

This post is going on far too long. I have so much to say about Miles and Davey my senior citizen dogs. I need to check and see if I have blogged about them before. I think I have.

Dogs are as important to my life as breathing. How about you?


My Own Celebration of Yom Kippur & Haiku

Tomorrow at sundown, marks the beginning of Yom Kippur. I celebrate my own personal way. 

“Although Yom Kippur is an intense, solemn holiday, it is nevertheless viewed as a happy day, since if one has properly observed this holiday, by the end of Yom Kippur they will have made a lasting peace with others and with G-d.”

As this marks another first for me, without any family members from my prior generations, it’s hard. Growing up, we had little to no Jewish interactions, other than the few visits each year with my grandparents. I never participated in Rosh Hashana nor Yom Kippur services until I was an adult. My dear aunt, who passed this year, was the one that included my husband and I when they went to high holiday services. When sitting for the long services became impossible with my medical conditions, my spouse and I decided to continue with our own new traditions. We would take the day off each year and do something meaningful. We talked about what we regretted and how we wanted to make better choices. Sometimes, between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur we would visit the cemetery where my grandparents are buried.

Because of Covid, I was able to be a part of Rosh Hashana services this year. The Zoom service was wonderful. I had a happy new year despite it being sad. I made a new dish in remembrance of the holiday as well as my family members. Now with Yom Kippur on the horizon, I have spent many days wondering how I want to honor the day. I don’t know if it is the teacher in me, or just who I am, but I researched how to celebrate during Covid times. I found both humorous and serious options. meaningful new ways to welcome the High Holidays. It even has assignments. Yippee!

I cannot get to the ocean this year because my spouse is going to work. I will not do any physical work on Yom Kippur. I will spend a great deal of time reflecting as to how I can change my actions. I want to make better choices with those I love as well as for myself. For medical reasons, we do not fast. I will, however, limit my food intake and abstain from any chocolate. I will remember my wonderful family. I am the person I am because of my grandparents and aunt and uncle.

For many years we would travel to my aunt’s house to break the fast and go out to a celebratory Yom Kippur dinner. She was always dressed in a beautiful white outfit. Often, we would take other family members with us to join in the celebration. These are the blissful times I miss. The times when multiple generations got together to celebrate the holidays that were a part of a common history are no more.

While my grandparents passed away before my spouse and I married, I know in my heart that they would be overjoyed with our choices towards Judaism. They were Orthodox, and still loved me dearly when they learned my first husband was Christian. (Not everyone in the family was as understanding.)

I am proud to know the influence Judaism has had on my life. I am forever the student. I yearn to weave the strings of knowledge I garnered from my family, to continue to make me the person I want to be.

May you and your family be inscribed in the Book of Life for goodness, kindness, health & prosperity.

Make up who we will become
Cherish them always

Waiting For a Zoom Call – Reading a Silly Email

While sitting at the dining room table, I was reading blogs and trying to empty out some email. An email from “My” popped into view. It seems the editors had tried 12 different flavors of Oreos.

A side note: Until Oreos took the lard out of their recipes, we were restricted to eating the Sunshine Hydrox’ version of the cookie. 

I am unsure if those addictive (LOL) little cookies are available everywhere, but they are in numerous places at our grocery stores. I rarely buy them, to be honest, because I have no will power. If I was told tomorrow that I could never eat any store bought cookies again, I’d only miss Oreos.

I often use Oreos crumbled as a crust for chocolate cream pie. Last year I made a pie for the grandkids. I used the mint chocolate Oreos. WOW that was a hit. I have no real desire to try any of the rest of these. I do wonder though if others love Oreos as much as I do.

Are they a fav of yours?

We Tried 12 Flavors of OREO Cookies and Ranked Them For You

From Birthday Cake to Lemon, we spill the milk. By Stacey Ballis
August 12, 2021
Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission.

OREO sandwich cookies have been a classic cookie for more than a century, and with good reason. It is hard to argue with a perfect balance of crisp dark chocolate cookie and creamy vanilla filling. But variety is the spice (or sweet) or life, and OREO never stops innovating in size and flavor. So, because I am a giver, I grabbed a dozen of the currently available treats and gave them a scientific taste test (i.e., made my whole family taste them) to see if you might want to expand your OREO stash. Spoiler alert, you absolutely do.
All images are from:

Meet this season’s flavored OREOS, counting up from number 12 to number 1.

Birthday cake oreo12: Birthday Cake Flavor Creme

Sad to say that the “birthday cake” flavoring was super artificial tasting and just overpowering. Of course, I am in my 50s, and things flavored like Birthday Cake are not targeted at me, so if you have kids you might want to give them a go, but you have better options.

Buy it:
 OREO Chocolate Sandwich Cookies, Birthday Cake Flavored Creme Family Size ($3.67),

Carrot Cake Oreo11: Carrot Cake Cream Cheese Flavored Creme

My tasting team used phrases like “weird spice bomb,” “it hurts my tongue,” and “tastes like a Christmas Yankee Candle”. No discernable flavor beyond cinnamon and clove, and if there is cream cheese flavor in the filling, our palates were too blown out by spice to taste it.

Buy it: OREO Carrot Cake Cream Cheese Flavored Creme Sandwich Cookies, Family Size ($3.67),

Salted Caramel Brownie Oreos10: Salted Caramel Brownie

We thought the caramel and brownie flavors fought each other, and wished it wasn’t a mashup, and wasn’t salty enough.

Buy it: Oreo Limited Edition Salted Caramel Brownie Sandwich Cookies Family Size ($3.79),

Chocolate Marshmallow Creme Oreo

9: Chocolate Marshmallow Flavored Creme

The marshmallow part tasted like the marshmallows in Lucky Charms, which might have been fun had the cookie been a Lucky Charms flavored oat cookie or graham cracker, but the mix with chocolate was a little weird. Not terrible, just not great.

Buy it: Oreo Chocolate Marshmallow Flavor Creme Chocolate Sandwich Cookies Family Size ($3.79),

Chocolate Hazelnut Oreos8: Chocolate Hazelnut Flavored Creme

We were surprised this ranked so low, as Nutella fans, but we found the hazelnut flavor to be a little artificial tasting. Not inedible, but not one we would buy again.

Buy it: OREO Chocolate Hazelnut Flavored Creme Chocolate Sandwich Cookies, Family Size ($3.67),

Peanut Butter Oreo7: Peanut Butter Flavored Creme

These were tasty, but we wished the peanut butter had been a bit more pronounced. The dark chocolate cookie needed a punchier filling. And there are better options in this category (foreshadowing).

Buy it: Oreo Peanut Butter Flavor Creme Chocolate Sandwich Cookies Family Size ($3.79),

Caramel Coconut Oreos6: Caramel Coconut Flavored Creme

Unlike the Salted Caramel Brownie, the caramel flavor here is really good, and the coconut doesn’t fight it, but enhances it! A win, and one we would eat again happily. Goes to a very Samoa place, but with gentler coconut flavor.

Buy it: OREO Caramel Coconut Flavored Creme Chocolate Sandwich Cookies, Family Size ($3.67),

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie5: Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

If a Nutter Butter and an OREO had a delicious baby, this cookie is it. Packs all the peanut butter punch we wanted in the Chocolate Peanut Butter version, with the chocolate a gentle enhancement instead of the star. Loved this one. Would buy again. Buy it: Oreo Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie Sandwich Cookies Family Size ($3.79),

Dark Chocolate Oreos4: Dark Chocolate Flavored Creme

Imagine the filling at the same dark intensity as the cookie and this is what you get. A really nice deep chocolate flavor, not too sweet. Would be great with coffee or vanilla ice cream. Really enjoyable.
Buy it: Oreo Dark Chocolate Flavor Creme Chocolate Sandwich Cookies Family Size ($3.79),

Java Chip Oreos3: Java Chip Flavored Creme

Another winner here: a good balance of chocolate and coffee flavors, and we cannot wait to make a coffee OREO ice cream with this cookie! Highly recommended.
Buy it: OREO Java Chip Flavored Creme Chocolate Sandwich Cookies, Family Size ($3.67),

Mint Oreos2: Mint Flavored Creme

Mint and chocolate are a classic combo, and this one could not be better. Even my husband, who generally does not like mint and chocolate, enjoyed this. Perfect balance with neither overpowering the other, fresh mint flavor that does not lean toothpaste or mouthwash. If you wait all year for Thin Mints? Wait no more: These will satisfy that craving and might even nudge it out of the way. Comes in regular and thin varieties.    Buy it: OREO Mint Flavored Creme Chocolate Sandwich Cookies, Family Size ($3.67),

Lemon Oreos1: Lemon Flavored Creme

Yeah, I know, you could have knocked us over with a feather, but lemon OREOS are a thing of culinary beauty. Available in both regular and thin versions, these are just a perfect cookie. Wonderful punchy lemon flavor enhanced by just enough vanilla, we could not get enough of these. Ideal cookie with tea, or as a light sweet after a meal, this cookie ranked number one with every tester on the panel, and we all admitted we would be buying packages to keep at home. Don’t sleep on this cookie, just look for the yellow package in the OREO aisle (or order it online, below!). Buy it: OREO Golden Sandwich Cookies, Lemon Flavored Creme, Family Size ($3.67),