Ronovan Writes Sijo

Ronovan Writes Sijo Challenge Image

Ronovan is asking for us to write a Sijo using the word “emotion.”

Sometimes my emotions can run amok without my knowing why
They vacillate from tranquil and anxiety on impulse
I yearn for consistent peace and calm in my future life


Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #205

Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge

Paula has graciously stepped up to continue Fandango’s FFFC while he recuperates. Thank you Paula. I am sending best wishes to Fandango  for a speedy recovery.

This week’s photo is credited to darksouls1 on Pixabay. It depicts a seated man staring at a glowing globe. The background is dark and hazy, but you can faintly see wall-to-wall shelves filled with books.

The world is my vision board
I can see what the future offers
The choices I make on this journey
Will alter the world in amazing ways