Bright Squares – Happy Bright Days

Becky is the host of BrightSquares. The photos you present must be in the shape of a square. The theme this month is BRIGHT.

This photo from many years ago reminded me of the bright smile my grandson made when he finally agreed to be engulfed in a giant bubble. The museum had many hands on activities and this one was super special.

A brave little man
Surrounded by a bubble
Worried about the POP

5 Things Tuesday – April 20

Dr. Tanya is the host of Five Things Tuesday. Her post today said: Although it cannot take the place of fresh food, you can’t beat tinned food for convenience. Requiring no special storage conditions and taking up very little storage space, canned food can be a lifesaver.
Today I ask you to name 5 favorites. These can be ready to eat or ingredients for your recipes.”

My first favorite canned food has got to be artichoke hearts. I have been using them more and more in my cooking. To get that many artichoke hearts from fresh artichokes would be very difficult.

My second favorite canned food would be reduced fat corned beef hash. It is good to have in the cupboard when the urge for hash and fried eggs comes calling.

My third favorite canned food would be canned peaches. I am allergic to the fuzz on peaches so canned or jarred are my only options.

My fourth favorite canned food would be olives. In my humble opinion olives go with everything. As a teen I would babysit for cans of olives. Mine, All Mine.

My fifth favorite canned food would have to be tomato paste/sauce. It is is a staple in my pantry. I can start my spaghetti sauce with tomato sauce, add some artichoke hearts, olives, garlic, and seasonings. Simmer all day long while the aromas waft through the house.


Brightly Colored – Bright Square

Sometimes, great minds think alike. Sometimes, great minds think for themselves. Becky’s Bright Square for April 20 is a wonderful mosaic piece of art. I was also thinking Bright Colors. But mine are the bright colors I painted my spare bedroom. I found bright colors for the fabrics I used to make the curtains and the quilt also. 

Colorful fabrics
Welcome you to my guest room
Enjoy your night’s sleep

Blogging Insights – My Experience

Dr. Tanya asks a variety of questions on her Blogging Insights series. Sometimes, when you read a great blogger’s response, you wonder if you need write your own. I read Fandango’s post and other than the experience he has had on different blogging sites (which I do not have) I agree with all he stated.

Today Dr. Tanya asks:  “What has your blogging experience taught you?”

I began blogging because of a challenge given in a writing class three years ago. It was also recommended as a pathway to recovery from PTSD caused by a loved one. For a year, I wrote about things I was grateful for. Blogging became an important part of my recovery.

I assumed I was strictly writing for myself. I did not understand the community aspect of blogging. I learned, slowly, that the more you read other blogs, the closer you feel to the writers.  I now spend hours reading other blogs. I enjoy it as much as I do writing my own. 

These three years blogging have been very enjoyable. I have learned, with the aid of others, so many things about how to blog. I enjoy responding to prompts, questions, and pictures. I have learned that the challenge of writing multiple prompts in one blog post is fun to do.  I enjoy taking what is going on in my life ,while using prompts, to create what I hope is an interesting read.   

I have learned to appreciate writing flash fiction. It feels less like an assignment and more like a fun task. Sometimes there are word limits, sometimes time limits, and sometimes topic restrictions. All of these have made me grow as a writer.

I have learned it is OK to dip my toe into new types of poetry. I was shut down by bio-dad while in high school. He told me poetry was a waste of time. I read many wonderful poets in the blogging world. At first, I was intimidated by the high quality of their posts. I have learned that I am writing for myself. So if I like it, that’s all that matters. 

My blogging experience this past year has been a life saver. While confined to my house I can slip away anytime I want to visit with others. As long as I have my laptop, I am free from the feeling of total isolation.

My blogging experience has taught me that being a member of this wonderful community is a gift I don’t ever want to give up.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay