Fandango’s Dog Days of August – Best Job Ever

Fandango gives us themes to keep our “juices” going during the hot August days.

Today’s theme is “your best job ever.”


My best job, as schmaltzy as it sounds, was parenting my young children as a full time SAH mom. I loved being home with them all time. I loved the moments spent cuddling them and checking to see if they were breathing. I loved nursing them. I loved taking care of their every need. I loved the fact that I was breaking a cycle of not enjoying parenting.

I loved the connection I felt every day watching a tiny human being growing and developing and thriving. I loved being there as milestones were reached, often way before I expected them. I loved the pride I felt every time the “I love you” words came flowing. I loved the time we spent playing in the dirt, making mud pies, digging holes in the yard, and playing with toy cars. I loved the times we played dolls, made cookies, scribbled on paper, and read books. I loved the times I found ways to provide my girls with opportunities I never had.

I loved being my children’s first teacher, just as all moms are. I loved finding ways to enrich their learning. I loved that by 3 for one daughter and 4 for the other they were reading at a second-grade level. I loved that as they grew and wanted to learn more, I learned more. I loved that even though I was a young mom, I was successful at being a caring mom. I love that I decided to do better for my girls.

The decision to stay home was not a difficult one. The economy was different in the 70s. We lived in poverty for all the early years, but we were OK.  I was happy that I could be with them. I did my part. I made all the girls’ clothes and there was never fast food or eating out. I made many of their toys. So the kids were not with sitters, my ex and I took college classes on different days. There were many difficult days, but the love I was able to give made it all worth it. I loved that I ignored the naysayers about getting a job when my babies were little.

The years go by so quickly. I returned to college. Got my degree. Taught school. And still enjoyed parenting my daughters. Nothing, however, was as special as my job as mom to newborn little people. My daughters are now 47 and almost 46. People always tell new moms to enjoy the time when then their babies are little because it passes so quickly. Moms are so busy trying to survive the daily minutiae they struggle to enjoy the most precious moments. It was my best job, ever.


11 thoughts on “Fandango’s Dog Days of August – Best Job Ever

  1. I did not get to stay at home with my children. I always had to work for financial reasons. I am blessed we all ended up as close as we did. I am happy you had this time. It is a treasured time, I’m sure.

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