JusJoJan – Jan 22 – Surviving

Linda is our host for JusJoJan. Wendy gave us the prompt word surviving today. Linda says:
Your prompt for JusJoJan January 23rd, 2022, is “surviving.” Use the word “surviving” any way you’d like. Have fun!

My thoughts have taken me to the good, the bad, and the surviving modes we are all in today.

We are typically so wrapped up in our daily “issues” that we convince ourselves that no one else would understand. And in a way that’s true. We each have a different path that we have traveled. Most are not fortunate enough to reach adulthood without facing some traumas and dramas outside of their control.

I don’t subscribe to the belief that we will not be given more than we can deal with. Sadly, I have seen people break under the pressures they faced.   But I do believe, that if there is any hope of surviving life’s hills and valleys one must have support. That support might be from a higher source, a therapist, a doctor, a trusted friend, a confidant, or whomever you can feel safe with. I’ve needed all of the above to make to this point in my life.

I could not get a good copy of the Holmes-Rahe Stress Inventory so I am adding a link here. The task is to see how many stress points you have in one year.

(There is no point listed for living through a pandemic, so you’ll just have to assign it the number of points that you feel it impacted you.)

What Does Your Score Mean?
150 points or less= a relatively low amount of life change and a low susceptibility to stress-induced health breakdown

150 to 300 points=  50% chance of health breakdown in the next 2 years

300 points or more = 80% chance of health breakdown in the next 2 years, according to the Holmes-Rahe statistical prediction model

The chart is thorough, but there are major stressors in my life right now that are not listed. I could make a pretty good assumption as to what number they might be assigned. 

By just using the chart, as is, with no added major stressors that I have, but aren’t listed, I am at 363. Again, that does not include the pandemic, nor family stresses not listed. It is a wonder I am surviving without a major health breakdown. I am surviving because I have a tribe of caring individuals who help me see the good in my life.     

What number would you assign Covid-19?

How do you deal with stress?



9 thoughts on “JusJoJan – Jan 22 – Surviving

  1. I’m glad you have a tribe to support you. I’m fortunate to be quite low on that scale but of course it doesn’t allow for living through a pandemic which has made major changes to our lives. No idea what score I would put on it but it has definitely had a negative effect on mental health and, or course, for anyone who has had Covid it will also have affected their physical health.

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  2. In my former job I used to teach a Stress Management group that gave me reminders of the many types of coping skills and positive distractions we can develop and use. (Too bad these things aren’t routinely taught in school.) Maybe it would be good to have a list of strengths and coping skills we sometimes forget in stressful moments. Singing, prayer, reading, TV, nature, pets, and talking to my partner help me when I remember to do these things. Sometimes I just have to tell myself, inhale…. exhale….. Thankfully my stress level has decreased a lot since I retired, but there’s always something.

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