Three Things Challenge

Di is our host for Three Things Challenge. “Your three words today are: NEAT   NAPKIN   NICELY”
My little fiction/non-fiction tale is below.

10 Napkin Folds You Should Know | MTC - YouTube

I found that the local Community College offers free classes for seniors. If there is a space available, all you need to do is sign up and show that you are old. (AKA over 65) One of the things I have always wanted to learn, is how to fold napkins.

I currently have at least 20 sets of napkin rings. I enjoy a pretty table when entertaining. I’d like to rid myself of most of my napkin rings before moving. They take up a lot of space. To still set a lovely table, I thought I’d learn to neatly fold napkins.  I already have more sets of napkins, than I have napkin rings, so it just makes sense. The napkins will fit nicely in kitchen drawer without taking up too much space.

I contacted the school and to my sheer delight, they have openings in the class. There are Covid precautions in place. Everyone must be masked and at least six feet apart. I hope I this old dog can learn some new tricks. I look forward to being a student again.


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