Truthful Tuesday – Just Under the Deadline

Truthful Tuesday

Frank is the host of Truthful Tuesday. I read responses from many of the bloggers I follow. I finally decided to get my 2 cents in.

Frank asks:
When it comes to dining out, does superb quality of food make up for subpar service, or does stellar service make up for lackluster food?

While I like to think I act one way, the reality is I have more tolerance for poor service than poor food.

A perfect example is Islands. I love their food. I have eaten at many of the chain’s locations. (pre pandemic) I have yet to have had poor food at any of them. Perhaps it’s the limited food selection which makes it easy to do a great job. Sadly however, I have never had good service in any of them. Their servers (in my many experiences) are always snotty and lack the ability to provide adequate customer service. I kept trying, but finally gave up after way too many poor experiences. The only good thing, or maybe it’s a bad thing, is that many others have had the same experiences I had. At least it doesn’t feel like it’s just me.   

I will only visit a restaurant twice if the food is less than stellar. I feel like any place could have an off day. However, if it is awful, once is enough. I never go back. No matter how wonderful the service is, I refuse to pay for lousy food.


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  1. Totally. I have a situation here in Sandwich – it’s not bad but it does work on the bad service food concept.

    Two fish and chip bars here – one called Ozzies and the other called Papas.

    During the Pandemic lockdowns Papas were rude but their food was superb … Ozzies were polite but always busy and sometimes you had to wait long periods of time for your orders BUT occasionally they also forgot – they were always polite though.

    Ozzies portions of food are huge – a medium cod and chips is a large, a small portion is a medium whilst a large is obscene in quantity and size.

    Papas these days after the lockdowns finished, their portions are realistic and affordable and now their service is a lot better.

    At various times with rudeness and poor waiting times and or orders forgotten – are all examples of poor service – BUT BUT BUT the food is awesome from both shops – so in today’s world even with choice – service means squat, food means everything 🙂

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