SoCS – Puzzling Times

Linda is our host for SoCS. Each week she provides a fun challenge that everyone can participate in.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “puzzle.” Use it any way you’d like!

A perfect prompt for me today. I have been puzzled at things going on in my life. 

I am puzzled as to why I don’t often make some easy dishes that I love to eat. Today, I made Cheesecake Factory’s Sheila’s Avocado Chicken Salad. I love the ingredients. I just had to remember to make sure I had all the items I needed before I began. I was so pleased with my results. I literally asked myself why I don’t make it more often.   

I am puzzled as to why; at this stage of the game I am editing some of my core beliefs. As I have written before, I was not raised with much of a Judaic education. Now I am researching more and adding more practice to my life. I am puzzled as to why now. I have no desire to walk the path my family did, but I do feel the need to align myself more closely to a new path. 

I am puzzled as to my reactions to the Covid shots. I only had a sore spot at the vaccination site on the first vaccine. There was no reaction at all on the second shot. But the third shot really knocked me down. The physical pain was intense. I kept telling myself it would go away soon. I was puzzled at the emotional pain that ensued. All my other disabilities were amped up and causing great stress on my body. This puzzled me because I assumed I would have an easy time, the third time around.  Two days after the vaccine, the vaccination shot was no longer a problem. Unfortunately, some of my other pain issues are still in full swing.   

I am puzzled as to why this year I feel the need to go to the cemetery. I was unwell during the week between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, so we are going tomorrow. I don’t travel there every year. This year it seems important to me. Perhaps it isn’t a puzzle at all. Perhaps it is because my aunt’s headstone has been placed. Perhaps it is because I have no one left from that generation. But my brain says it’s a puzzle.

I am puzzled as to why every year during the late summer, my body has extremely painful, head to toe itching. I use nothing but fragrance free, allergy free soaps, detergents, and cleaners. Every year I go to the doctor and ask what they can do. Every year they say it’s a seasonal allergy and are puzzled as to what causes it. My entire body feels as though I could itch the skin right off me. The only partial, temporary relief is with an antihistamine. The problem is, they knock me out. I wish someone could figure out this puzzle. 

I am puzzled why I spend hours and hours in the garden and yet the work is never done. I redid a planter (sans holiday days) and even planted bulbs. Why did I feel the need to plant bulbs this year, when I haven’t done so in forever? It puzzles me how my mind works sometimes. My little planter still needs work, but it brings me joy. 

I am puzzled as to why I am on so many email lists offering ways to better my life. Either my life must really suck, and they all know something I don’t, or the world is out to make money off me. That is also puzzling though, because many are freebies. Maybe the hook comes later.   

I am puzzled as to why I keep buying books. I want to read them, and yet I still have a COVID brain. I am unable to concentrate long enough to get into a book. I am enjoying reading blogs, but books are not the easiest for me right now. 

I am puzzled as to why every time I read a blog prompt from someone I follow, I want to write one too, but don’t. Is it because I don’t want to flood the reader with my random thoughts? Is it because I feel inferior to what they have said? Is it because I agree with them to the nth degree and could add no more? It’s all a puzzle.

I am puzzled as to when I changed my desire for chocolate. I am finally at a stage where quality is more important than quantity. When did that happen?  I would rather have a bowl of Baskin Robins’ chocolate peanut butter, than 5 ice cream sandwiches. (Which I like too.) This is very puzzling to me.

There are more puzzling things roaming about in my brain, but these are the thoughts right off the top of my head.   

Have a great weekend everyone. Thanks again Linda. 



9 thoughts on “SoCS – Puzzling Times

  1. Great post. I’m puzzled along with you about the itching..have you tried a non-drowsy 24-hour antihistamine like Allegra? You might also have to go see a specialized doctor who can diagnose blood disorders for inflammation.Or something like that.

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  2. Lots of interesting thoughts to puzzle over.
    I don’t know about the itching, but it happens to me too. Probably because it’s so awfully dry here.
    Sorry your 3rd shot wasn’t easy. I had no problem with my first two. Don’t know yet when we’ll get the 3rd.

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