Sunday Poser # 103

Sadje hosts, Sunday Poser and is already on her 103rd prompt. Check out her guidelines to respond to today’s question.

What are the things you enjoy the most when at home?

When I am at home, which is most of the time, I have a variety of things that I enjoy.

1) I enjoy spending time with Annie.
2) I enjoy snuggling under a warm quilt.
3) I enjoy cleaning out areas of my house.
4) I enjoy scrapbooking in my scrapbooking room.
5) I enjoy sewing, but only when I can easily climb the stairs.
6) I enjoy listening to audio books, especially when I am cleaning or working in the house.
7) I enjoy cooking the foods I appreciate more from my own kitchen than from restaurants.
8) I enjoy spending time in my garden when watering my plants, pulling weeds, and relocating plants.
9) I enjoy swinging outside while welcoming the view from my backyard.
10) I enjoy reading and writing blogs from comfortable spots in my home.
11) I enjoy visiting with my family when they come here.
12) I enjoy shopping on line for Hanukkah gifts, birthday gifts, Halloween gifts, etc.
13) I enjoy taking a long, hot, Epsom Salt bath.
14) I enjoy tending to my house plants.
15) I enjoy looking at the lovely art pieces around my house.
16) I enjoy watching TV and movies in the comfort of my home.
17) I enjoy watching sunsets out my back door.
18) I enjoy hearing the fireworks from Disneyland each evening.
19) I enjoy rocking on the outdoor rocking chair while the high school band is practicing below my home.
20) I enjoy the feeling of satisfaction I have for making this house my home.


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