Throwback Thursday #55 Dealing with Crisis Big or Small

Hello all,. here in SoCal we are dealing with a terrible heat wave. Yesterday, both my electricity and my internet went down.  It was 101 F and the inside temps were rising fast. I tried to contact the electric company on my phone. I could only get a computer that kept looping me and telling me to go to their website, which I could not do. Maggie called during my drama and came to my rescue. From a few thousand miles away, she contacted the electric company website for me to enter a concern about the outage. They texted me that I would be powerless for a few more hours.

I was ready to push the panic button because my phone was down to 20% and I had no way to recharge it. I was trying to figure out where I could go, with Annie, to get some relief. I could not leave her here in the heat. Luckily, the electricity came back on before I pushed the panic button. The internet was still down though.

Last night I attempted to go online. My service was not fully restored and my computer said, something about a weak connection. I figured I would get on this morning and write my post. Life intervened and I was not able to get to my task.

If you care to join us, it’s easy.

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This week’s prompt is: Sealing Dealing With a Crisis

So, for a different way to go today, I am working with my life right now.:
How well did you deal with a crisis in your youth or as a young adult?
Example: Did you ever lose a pet or a family member?
Example: Were you unable to participate in an  important event?
Were you involved with a sudden disruption to your normal life that resulted in stress?
Would you share an event or more about what role you took?
Were you the worry wart or did you let things roll off our sleeves?
Did you follow the example of your parents?
Were you able to discuss your fears and worries openly, or did you keep your concerns to yourself?
Did you have a good support system to deal with your worries?
Do you, as an adult, still respond the same ways?

I look forward to your responses.



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    1. The heat has not gone down and now we have humidity in the mix. It was 85 when I woke up this morning and 91 by the time u was returning home at 10:00 am.
      I hope the promised rain comes tonight.

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