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Throwback Thursday #48 – That Was Then And This Is Now


I am here today for Throwback Thursday. Maggie will be back next week after returning from her family vacation. If you care to join us, it’s easy.

  • Write your own post sharing your memories and leave a pingback to this post in the comments.
  • You can use the photo above in your post to make it easier to find.
  • Tag it with #TBTMemory or #IRememberWhen.
  • If you do not wish to write your own post, feel free to tell your story in the comments below.

This week’s prompt is: That Was Then And This Is Now  I’m doing something a little different this week. Growing up, we all had dreams and aspirations.  I’d like you to think back about what you were like and what you wanted as a kid compared to the adult choices you made.

1) When you were a kid, did you like your name? Would you have changed it if you could? Do you like it now?

2) As a kid, what always brought a smile to your face? What about now, as an adult? (family-friendly please)

3) What was the most important lesson your parents taught you? Did you pass that lesson down to your family?

4) Are there talents you started as a child that you still have? If so, what are they?

5) Is there something you regret not doing or starting when you were young? What was it?

6) Did you have more close friends as a kid or as an adult? Any idea why?

7) Where did you go to think as a kid? Where do you go now?

8) What would be the name of the chapter of your life from 10 – 18? What would the name be the name of the chapter of your life currently?

9) What wonderful thing happened in your adult life that your child self could never have imagined?

10) Would your child self like your adult self? Why or why not?

My Post follows  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

1) I didn’t like my name as a kid. I was always spelling it because it was mispronounced often. Later, I learned to say that it was pronounced just like Lauren Bacall. If I could have changed it as a kid, I would have. Now, as an adult I like it very much. I never had another Lauren in any class until college. I liked that part.

2) The first thing that came to mind was ice cream as a kid and as an adult. I love ice cream. The more chocolate in it, the better.

3) The most important thing my mom taught me was that I was responsible for all my choices, both good and bad. I tried to pass that down to my daughters. I believe I was successful, until they reached 18. Then it was a totally different story. They made decisions and wanted to be free of the consequences.

4) The only talent I started as a kid was sewing. It still brings me joy.

5) I wanted to go scuba diving and sky diving when I was young. I tried scuba diving in 2000, but my claustrophobia stopped me from finishing the class. I always wanted to sky dive. Age prevents me from doing that now.

6) I only had one or two friends growing up. Typically, I had no close friends, just acquaintances.  In the past few years, I have added two amazing friends to my tribe. I never would have imagined the friendships I now have were even a possibility.

7) As a kid, I would hide in my bedroom to think. Now, it’s usually outside on my swing.

8) 10 to 18 would be titled, “Utter Chaos.”  Now, it would be, “Learning To Love Who I Am.”

9) As a kid, I never thought I would leave North America. Happily, I’ve been fortunate to be able to travel to Sweden, Denmark, Italy, France, Greece, England, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.

10) I think my child self would be a fan of my adult self because I have learned to accept who I am, and to set boundaries to protect myself.


44 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday #48 – That Was Then And This Is Now

  1. Good to know your name grew on you and your love of ice cream! I too grew up learning to sew my own clothes. I still love it. Also appreciate the maturity to set boundaries as we age to protect ourselves. Great post Lauren! Hugs, C

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  2. I enjoyed reading your answers and could relate to several of them, like not liking my name as a child but liking it now. What you passed on to your children about consequences is still in them. 18 was a crazy time for me. My childhood self would not have liked the me I was from 18 to 23 when I tended to get sidetracked a lot. I know she would like me very much now having come back to my true self. It was nice getting to know you better. 🙂

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