Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Photo Challenge – The Tour

Sarah is using her own photo as the prompt for today’s MLMM Photo challenge.

Photo credit Sarah Whiley

It was the last stop on the tour. What glorious views we were privileged to see. Everything had gone exactly as it was supposed to. Today’s outing was no exception. The scenery was beautiful and the company divine.

I was worried about spending part of my honeymoon with my new husband’s family on a guided tour. I shouldn’t have been though. It was not our first trip together, just our first as husband and wife. We traveled across the world so I could meet his extended family. While I didn’t speak the language, most of his family spoke enough English to get by. When they had asked what I would like to see, I immediately told them of my love of historic places. The tour they booked was wonderful.

I knew we would continue the next day toward home. I was sad to be leaving this wonderful country. It would be back to the real world and a wonderful new life.