Photo Challenge #395 – Celebration

Sarah from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie hosts this week’s Photo Challenge.

Photo credit Frank Rumpenhorst

Everyone gathered together for the most glorious celebration in seven years. Covid was a mere memory from their past. There was no need for masks, no need to isolate, and no need to fear the dreaded virus. This holiday was celebrated all over the world as the POST PANDEMIC CELEBRATION. The joy, the happiness, and the freedom was more welcome than if it were raining money.

Photo Challenge #387

Photo credit Sebastian Wahlhutter

Sarah at Weejars is hosting the Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie photo challenge.

Michael had planned for this extreme vacation for a long time. He had challenged himself a great deal since giving up his life at the New York Stock Exchange.  He climbed Mount Everest, he traveled to Kalamata, Greece for the annual World Free Diving Championships, he went hang gliding at Kitty Hawk in North Carolina, and of course he went extreme parasailing in Honolulu. The latest in extreme vacations was to go camping hundreds of feet above the ground in Italy. It would still be an adrenaline rush without a doubt. But the challenge this time was to rest and relax in the most unusual camping place ever. It was time to relax and read the news from his former life..

Green Power – Photo Challenge

Photo by Francesco Ungaro on 
Nekneeraj challenges us to use the photo above to write a poem or story.

My being has been calmed and filled with contentment.
The world is finally listening.
Consumption of nonrenewable resources is rapidly declining.
They are at last, understanding the need for living green.
The more they participate in helping to heal our earth, the stronger I become.
The stronger I become, the more good I can bring to mankind.
The more mankind listens, the greater longevity for our planet.
I remain in my domain, recharging my energy with green power.