Share Your World – Surprise

Melanie at Share Your World. provides us with questions to ponder. I read so many replies on Melanie’s blog, I forgot if I did or did not reply myself. I decided to write the answers even though I’m late to the game.

 1. Do you like or dislike surprises? Why or why not? I dislike bad surprises like a flat tire or a fridge breaking down. I like good surprises like an unexpected check in the mail. I like to give good surprises to other people.

2. What’s your favorite zoo animal? That’s a tough one. Giraffes are wonderful. Elephants are awesome. Lions are majestic. Polar bears are profound. 

3. What three things do you think of the most each day? Each morning I think about what pain level I am in. All day I think about things I am grateful for. I think about how my family and friends are doing as I go about my entire day.

‘Deep’ Question:
When, if ever, is taking a human life justified? To protect another life.

Attitude of Gratitude Section (Always Optional) 
I am grateful for days of waking up in my “normal” pain and not extra pain.
I am grateful for loved one’s being well and safe.
I am grateful for the outcome of the election.
I am grateful for the birds I see each morning while playing with Annie.
I am grateful Annie makes me go outside very day to play with her.
I am grateful for warmer days that allow me to be outside without pain.
I am grateful for flannel sheets on cold nights.
I am grateful for yummy food in my freezer when I don’t feel like cooking.
I am grateful for bagels and cream cheese for my snacks.

Do small miracles exist? IMHO small miracles happen every day. You just have too look for them and enjoy them. 

Share Your World – Nov. 2


Melanie gives us terrific questions to allow bloggers to share their world.


Which meal is your favorite: breakfast, lunch, or dinner?  I do not eat breakfast. Occasionally pre-Covid I would do breakfast for lunch tough. I think dinner would be my preference because I tend to try new recipes for dinner.

Who do you admire most in the world? Jane Goodall, without a doubt. 
I had the honor of meeting her briefly at a science conference.

With the obvious restrictions in place, what do you regret not doing in the last year? I started 2020 with shingles. It was the worst pain in my life. As I started to feel better Covid closed down my state and the country.  The only thing I can think of is, I wish I had done more gathering last December for Chanukah. I was feeling pretty well and I did not do as much as I wish I had. Hindsight is 20/20. Oi vey, so ironic.

I am grateful I voted last week. 
I am grateful my knee is feeling better. 
I am grateful my hip is at a low pain level.
I am grateful I had the energy to spend four hours in my garden taking care of my asparagus ferns and my little daylilies.
I am grateful I have finished painting the bedrooms upstairs.
I am grateful I was able to support an artist I enjoy.
I am grateful the weather is in the 80s and not the high 90s/100s.
I am grateful I took my car through the self-drive through to get it washed. This was a first for me.
I am grateful I did not have to evacuate for the fires.
I am grateful for making a long drive yesterday to see my grandkids.  Even though we were masked and distanced, it still felt so good. The fires had lessoned and the freeway was opened up.
I am grateful for working electricity and internet and cell service. Many are not so lucky.
I am grateful for retiring May 2019. My friends and family are working their tuckus off.  I am grateful for the kind people in the blogging world.


Share Your World –

Melanie gives us questions each Monday that allows us to share our thoughts with other bloggers.


What’s the tallest building you’ve been to the top of?

The CN Tower  is a 553.3 m-high (1,815.3 ft)   concrete communications and observation tower located in Downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Many, many years ago my spouse and I  drove to Toronto from Southern California to visit his family. They were in a suburb of Toronto. We went up in the tower and had dinner in the revolving tower. Then we went to the higher level and I stood at the outside edge. My spouse , who has a fear of heights would not go anywhere near the edge.

What do you do to keep fit? I take long hot baths in Epsom salts.

What’s your jack-o-lantern carved to look like? I haven’t carved a pumpkin in ages. A memory came across my email and Facebook reminding me of 5 years ago when Z1 was in the hospital. It was a scary time. 

Do you have hope or have you lost it? I have hope because without it there is no purpose to continue. “Hope is like the sun, which, as we journey toward it, casts the shadow of our burden behind us.”- Samuel Smiles

Gratitude: I am grateful that the events of five years ago are in the past and all four of my grandkids are healthy.

Share your World – Oct 19

Melanie gives us more fun questions to answer.




The first question is courtesy of the magnificent blogger, Rory (aka A Guy Called Bloke”). He asked this one last Saturday on a random question post he wrote and I thought it was nifty AND sort of Halloween-y, so I thought I’d include it. “How many people in real life or on social media (including WordPress, which has become a rather social media site) do you consider good enough friends to help you ‘hide the dead body?” This is purely a silly and fun exercise, so don’t worry that there are bodies in need of burying. At least I don’t have any…. if you do, I hope you have some good friends who will lend a hand in getting rid of the evidence AND never tell a living soul…. 
I think I have maybe one or two really close friends who would help me “take care of the body.” Of course, we would use chemicals to leave no trace.

Are You Ready To Order?   What Are You Having (craving) right now?
I would really love a piece of Cheesecake Factory’s Chocolate Cheesecake. Yummy.

How’s the weather in YOUR neck of the woods? We are having the hottest October in our history. Today was a glorious 87. It has been in the high 90s – low 100s for too long now.

Lastly, one deep question, because some folks enjoy those.  Prepare yourself.  Or pass. It’s all good!  There has always been something. Before there was something, there was only nothing. Which do you think is more likely?
At some point there was something that wanted more. You can’t have something from nothing. IMHO

Attitude of Gratitude: I am grateful for my fridge/freezer filled with meals for a couple of weeks. I used five different crock pots and cooked up all the meats I had. New recipes, new tastes, easier days for me.





What is your favorite time of year?  Why?
Spring is my favorite season. New growth, new energy, new thoughts. Then comes fall. Any fall other than this one.


Share Your World – 10/5/2020

Melanie is the wonderful host of Share Your World. 

Each week she provides us with questions that open up a little window into our lives.




When was the last time you tried something new?  How did that go for you? At first I was unable to think of anything new. But after reading some other blogs, I realized that the blankety blank WordPress new block format was new and unwanted in my life. Thank goodness for friends who rescued me and found a path to avoid the crud thrust on us all.

What’s the most sensible thing you’ve ever heard someone say?

How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are? 45 on a good day 85 on a bad one

Lastly, I’ll be doing one “Halloween” themed question per week during October.  Those who don’t observe the holiday are welcome to answer or to ignore it as they wish.  Fun  CREEPY Halloween Question:

Have you ever seen a ‘fresh’ corpse (aka dead body)?  I was able to hold my mother’s hand as she transitioned from this realm.
It is against my religion to have open caskets, so the funerals I have attended that had them, I did not view the person.

GRATITUDE SECTION (always optional)
I am grateful that while my fridge is spitting out ice cubes at its own will, I still have cold food in my fridge.
I am grateful that I can afford to pay someone to remove my tree before it damages my home.
I am grateful that I am exercising “some” will power over not eating all the dark chocolate California brittle, in my freezer at one time.
I am grateful that everyone I see, on the rare times I go out, is masked and safely social distancing.
I am grateful that the acupuncture and chiropractic skills of my doctor have returned me to a place of much less pain.

Do you enjoy any seasonal traditions around this time of year? I used to enjoy dressing up for Halloween at school. I have no need to do so now.
I used to enjoy passing out candy at Halloween. It’s been at least five years since any trick-or-treaters came to the door. I shall not have lights on, nor candy this year as a matter of safety.
I used to make pumpkin spice cookies for the staff each year. I won’t be making them this year because no teachers are at school and my spouse detests pumpkin anything.
I am not decorating anything this year as the grandkids can’t come over.
It is a loss of fun that I am missing.
I think I need to find a funny Halloween movie to watch. No blood, no gore.