What Do You See?

Image credit; Houcine Ncib Unsplash

For the visually challenged reader, this image shows a girl carrying an oversized geometry set in her arms, looking directly at the camera.

Sadje hosts this wonderful weekly challenge. Make sure to see what terrific responses are given to her prompt.

You can take away home
You can take away my safety
You can take away my comfort
But you can never take away my brilliant mind
It is a gift from G-d


Even in Death – What Do You See?

Sadje is our host for What Do You See? Drop by her blog to join in and read the variety of responses to her prompt.

Imange credit; 8machineUnsplash

For the visually challenged reader, the image shows two skeleton’s hands reaching towards a digital device enveloped in purple-pink haze.

The teenager ran the light because she was texting and not paying attention to her driving. The only things recognizable after the fiery crash were her hands and her cell phone. After the burial, her friends went to the cemetery to pay their respects. They had a deep discussion about the dangers of texting and driving.

Later that evening, some pranksters were terrified by the sight they saw. They swore they saw skeleton hands texting in the darkness.


What Do You See? #112

Sadje is our host for What Do You See? She finds amazing pictures for us to write about You can read all the specs here.
Image credit; Kellepics Pixabay

For the visually challenged reader, the image shows a huge stone angel guarding a city within its two wings.

When I was alive, I swore there was no hell. I was right. That is why I have been sentenced to this purgatory instead.
I spent my entire life cheating and hurting the people of this fair city. I did whatever I felt like doing no matter how negatively it impacted others. I only cared about myself while living in the physical realm. I cheated. I stole things that weren’t mine. I abused family and friends as well as strangers. I lied to everyone. I was a blight on this city. I gave nothing positive to anyone or anything. 

Now my penance is to watch over this city in perpetuity. I must make sure no one is ever hurt by the likes of people who care only about themselves. It is a fitting retribution. This city will benefit from my protection. 


What Do You See? – My Special Powers

Sadje is our host for What Do You See?  I am unsure where she find her wonderful images, but I am hooked.

Image credit; Xresch @ Pixabay

For the visually challenged reader, this image shows a rocky landscape, near the ocean. Overhead an old house with a few mechanical devices is floating in the sky on a small piece of land.

I promised you it would all be OK. Thank you for trusting in my abilities. I knew if I used my special powers, we could escape the evil chasing after us. Luckily, our lives have been spared.

All we really need is the land we are attached to. With our never empty water well, our fertile soil, and our mechanical gears that keep us afloat, we will remain safe.

My powers will keep us airborne until we reach the other side of the ocean. We will be safe there. Our little family will live in harmony instead of angst. I am grateful we escaped in time.