The Final Resting Place

Image credit; Philippe D @ Unsplash ( For the visually challenged reader, the image shows a lighthouse situated on a small island. The sun is setting behind the lighthouse, coloring the sky in beautiful shades of orange and pink)
Sadje’s what do you see prompt image is above. It immediately made me think of a special someone’s last request.

I held your hand as you took your last breath
I remembered all we had spoken about
Your love of the special lighthouse at sunset
Was as much a part of you as your every breath
I shall make the trek across the country
I shall scatter your ashes as you requested
You will become one with the place that brought you joy

The Magnificent Art Creation

Image credit; Andrew Morris @ Unsplash

It had been such a terribly hectic week. The new instructor challenged the apprentice workers to create some new appealing crockery and glass tableware. She hoped to have the students present amazing tablescapes in the fall county fair exhibition.

Each station was laden with random possible raw materials to use. It was overwhelming to say the least. A class prize was to be given for the most appealing creation. There were also possible ribbons to be earned at the exposition hall.

Luisa began working with the crockery first. She realized that she had added too much to the piece of art. In her anger and frustration with the inability to transfer her thoughts to the piece she squashed it. It was broken beyond repair.

She knew the art piece needed to be simple, but elegant. To win, it should be made from affordable materials but appeal to wealthy tastes.

After days and days of working, her final masterpiece was completed. She lay her charming glass bottle with fairy lights inside, on her desk to be viewed by all. As soon as it was finished, she knew it would appeal to everyone. The lights were mesmerizing when you gazed into the bottle. So simple, yet so amazing.

When she learned that her project earned the class prize she responded with a shrill scream of delight. Her instructor gave her a voucher for a free semester at art school. Luisa knew she was headed for a life of doing what she enjoyed most, creating beauty.

After the class competition, the students decided to celebrate by having a party on the beach. Luisa brought her art piece with her as a reminder of her joyous day. Everyone needed to release the stress from the week’s competition. They frolicked in the water’s edge at low tide. It was their escape from the pressure they had endured. As they ran along the beach, Luisa’s magnificent piece was their guiding light to their way back to the real world.

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What Do You See?

Sadje‘s What do You See #70 

Image credit; Lance Anderson @ Unsplash (For the visually challenged reader, the image shows tall skyscrapers lit in the evening light. In the front there is a small pale-colored house resting at an angle on the ground, one side of it raised from the ground)

We’re not in Kansas anymore.
Did we crush anyone this time?
Where’s the yellow brick road?
Where are the companions?
This isn’t Oz either is it?
I am too afraid to open the door.
What are those buildings?
They look like space ships.
Maybe if  I stay here long enough I’ll wake up at home.

The Blind Date

“For once in your life would you just agree to go on a blind date?” Roberto asked.

“I really don’t want a hook-up with some cheeky girl you already tossed away, Paul answered.

Roberto retorted, “Why do make everything a rivalry between us? Can’t you just be your clever self and put your best foot forward?”

Paul wanted to know what was wrong with the girl, but he was afraid to ask. He knew full well that Roberto never shared the ‘good ones.’  Paul reluctantly agreed after much badgering from his friend.

There he stood outside the agreed-on location pondering what he should do. She had texted and said the bus she was catching was running late. He wondered if he should stay or make a quick exit before she came. It seemed like the powers that be were hinting for him to run before she arrived.

Then she stepped off the bus…

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What Do You See? #41

img_1945 Sadje at Keep It Alive took time from her busy schedule to give us a prompt for What Do You See?

Image credit- Lewis Roberts- Unsplash     (For the visually challenged reader, the image shows a baby monkey looking down from branches of a tree)

There were bananas in here the last time we came through. Mom always shows me where the best treats are. She says I am getting too old to nurse, but that is still my favorite way to get food. I’ll just wait here until she brings me some treats. She said I’d be safe here until she came back.