April 4 – Bright Squares

Squares LogoThis is a month long challenge, hosted by Becky of  “The Life of B”.   

Becky says:

I want everyone to have fun. So you can join me posting squares daily or simply pop by as and when suits you and your blog. You can interpret the theme of bright strictly or let it take you somewhere random.

Your bright smile lights up
the world of those around you
You freely bring joy 

Day 290 – LSS Attitude of Gratitude – A Quiet House – There is always something to be grateful for.

This morning’s meditation started taking me down a path I wasn’t prepared to travel. I, of course, tried to travel in the direction I wanted to go. I kept retracing my steps to a place I wasn’t comfortable going.  I chose to get up and begin my day outside. Yesterday I had a comforting meditation about dealing with childhood issues with bio-dad. His actions do not deserve forgiveness. I am learning to let go of my anger for that is what is hurting me.   

I spent the morning cleaning outside before Z3 got up. He was anxious to get in some time playing board games before his dad picked him up. I fed him breakfast, finished his laundry, and packed up his things to go home.  We were playing sequence when his mom texted and said we only had 10 minutes. He was sad to be leaving but happy to be able to see his brother. I was sad to end my summer grand-kid time. I was honestly very tired, but it was well worth it. I am grateful for the Nana/Z time. 

My spouse left for the day and I was alone in a quiet house. I tried to get some sleep but that never happened. I then started working on my huge pile of paperwork that needed dealing with. I made a small dent in the pile and then it was an afternoon/evening making contact with friends and family.

I am grateful for my communicating with my cousin, my aunt, my friend, my coach, my daughter, my other aunt, and another friend. The women in my life give me strength and hope and love. I am forever grateful for all of them.


Day 289 – LSS Attitude of Gratitude -Grand-kids departing – There is always something to be grateful for.

Another very hot day in Southern California. I wonder why I live in this insanity and then I look at the rest of the US and I count my blessings. One good thing is that my hands do not hurt so much in the heat. Once upon a time I loved the high nineties. It  just felt so good to not be cold all the time. But thanks to my fibro, I run much hotter all the time. I can’t take the extreme heat that I used to enjoy. I become drained and lethargic with the heat now. I just don’t like it. 

The temps were too much to be mingling about too long outside. So after watering my yards I picked up more garbage to add to the cans before the early trash man arrived. I was back in the house and starting laundry before Z3 awoke. He of course did not want to eat but was anxious to play Sequence. I think he has an addiction to board games, or just to having adults to himself. Before it got too hot Z3 went in to the kiddie pool. I fussed about the yard while he cooled off. Before coming inside, I joined him in the water.

We took a quick trip to the grocery store for my spouse to pick up meds and bagels for lunch. Z3 wanted a cool lunch of yogurt and fruit. None of us had much energy again today. We enjoyed playing board games, eating Popsicles, and laying around. Z3 even got some TV time today which he thought was amazing. After dinner Z3 had another romp in the kiddie pool and I played outside with the dog. She has been play deprived in the heat. Early mornings and late evenings are the only time we get to play fetch. She kept going tonight for much longer than usual. I am glad we had our play time. As the solar lights were all coming on outside Z3 was ready to go in. It was perfect timing.

Popcicles and more board games filled our evening. Z3 finished painting and decorating the last of his three wooden race cars we bought for him.  No movie tonight. Z3 was forlorn when we spoke of packing up his belongings so he would be ready to go home tomorrow. When his mom called he wanted to talk to Z1. He has missed him quite a lot.

Tomorrow my summer of grand-kids extended holidays will be over. Next week my school has Panther Camp and I won’t be participating. I won’t be meeting the incoming sixth graders and getting to know them. I won’t be setting up my classroom this year. I won’t be planning lessons this year. 

I am grateful for new opportunities to grow. I am grateful for this August being a new beginning. 


Day 288 – LSS Attitude of Gratitude – Too Hot For Comfort – There is always something to be grateful for.

Not much was accomplished today, it was too darn hot. I was outside before 6:30 sanding the handles of my outside tools. Then I used the plastic wood fill to make the handles smooth. Sanding again and then painting completed my morning job. Z3 woke up and wanted to play with the dog for awhile. She was happy for the entertainment. I put away some things outside and then came in and made breakfast for Z3. I kept asking him if he ws hungry but not until 9:30 was he willing to eat. 

After breakfast we started another marathon of Sequence games. At last count it was four to three. We had a good time. My spouse got up and went to his district to get his laptop for work. I don’t get a laptop from school this year because I am not returning. Last night there was an all call from school. It was an alert to everyone that school is starting school. I need to find out how to opt out of the school calls.

When my spouse returned we all decided it was just too hot to go out anywhere. Z3 wanted to play in the wading pool and it seemed like a great idea. I went out with him and kept him company while putting away my tools from the morning. The pool was the only cool place outside. The air was on all day. It reached 99 or 100 today depending on which forecast you believe.

An easy lunch, more board games, and lots of popsicles filled our day. More time in the pool, a cool dinner, and more board games filled the afternoon and evening. It took until 8:00 for the temperature to be low enough to open the windows and turn off the AC. Now it is movie time. Tonight we are watching ROBOTS. It is another good choice. Hopefully tomorrow will not be so miserable. I am grateful for out visit with Z3, for the AC in the house, for the wading pool with cool water, and for hope of cooler days ahead.

Day 287 – LSS Attitude of Gratitude – Getting in to a rhythm – There is always something to be grateful for.

Z3 usually wakes after I’ve been up for awhile. It means I can get a few simple things done before it gets too hot. He as usual did not want to eat first thing and so we sat together while he watched a few cartoons. After he and my spouse had breakfast we went to do a few errands. One Z3 was looking forward to was to try and find a DVD of his choosing.   

We went to Target and perused the entire store stalling for time. We did not want to get to lunch too early. There was nothing that appealed to Z3 so instead he picked out a LEGO car that struck his fancy. He was super excited to have an activity to complete with his grandpa.  By the time we left Target to go for taco Tuesday the weather had peaked at over 103 degrees. It was absolutely miserable outside.

The humid hot weather must have effected everyone’s appetite because the place was not as packed as usual. We actually found a table after ordering and obviously no one was eating outside. Z3 was happy with his quesadilla and chips.  He asked if his donut after could be taken home for later, which of course made sense. 

taco tuesday  

We decided to head home after lunch and skip the rest of the errands. It was too hot to be getting in and out of the car. When we got home Z3 built his LEGO car with my spouse.  I napped while they built the car. After a short nap I got up and played Sequence with Z3 while my spouse napped. Then Z3 and I went out and played in the kiddie pool. It was refreshing especially compared to the temperatures outside. As soon as we came in Z3 took a rinse off. He was recharged by the  cool down and ready to play more board games. And so we did. 🙂  We have a routine of playing games until we are ready to drop.   

After games, we had a cool dinner. There was no sense heating up the kitchen. Z3 was hungry once again and after dinner wanted an ice cream sandwich. We played more board games and then Z3 picked out a movie for us to watch. He chose STORKS. I didn’t remember seeing it before so it was a new experience for us all. We laughed out loud at many of the scenes. I am grateful for an easy routine day with Z3. He went off to bed and I came to write my blog. Despite the dramatic heat, we had a good day together. Perhaps tomorrow it will be a little cooler. One can only hope.