April 3 – Bright Squares

Squares LogoThis is a month long challenge, hosted by Becky of “The Life of B”.    Becky says:

I want everyone to have fun. So you can join me posting squares daily or simply pop by as and when suits you and your blog. You can interpret the theme of bright strictly or let it take you somewhere random.

You have a bright smile
My beautiful granddaughter
Blessings for much joy

Day 283 – LSS Attitude of Gratitude -Slowing Down – There is always something to be grateful for.

I am not sure what is going on now. I am in transition again. My body is so very tired and worn out. I am not sure if it is because I have been working so hard for so long or if it is the cumulative effect of full time grand-parenting teenagers. I woke up today and did some easy chores. I used the linseed oil on all the gardening tools, I watered the lower garden, I picked up a few items from the yard, I did a load of laundry, I cleaned the window sill in the kitchen, and I played with the dog. I am grateful I was able to get so many things done before anyone woke up.

Much to my surprise, Z2 awoke by 8:30 on her own. We had some errands to do but I was not in a hurry and I told her last night she could sleep in. She made herself her new favorite breakfast, yogurt, berries, and granola.   By the time my spouse woke up, we ladies were ready to go. After he had a quick bite we were off to get some things done.

I dropped off 10 small coolers to my old classroom. Another teacher said she can use them so I wanted to donate them to her classroom. The emptiness of my old room felt odd. They installed the new 96 inch TV screen, as they did to all the other classrooms on campus. It felt oddly out of place. I am grateful for the years spent in that room. I am grateful I do not have to go back to work in two weeks. 

Then it was off to the thrift store to look for some DVDs. Z2 found three she thought she would like to have. My spouse found a book on the research relating to the Bell Curve. (A hot topic on all campuses.) I still can’t find magnetic darts for my outdoor dart board. Next was a search for a lunch place we could all agree with. We don’t do Taco Hell as a general rule. Z2 does not eat burgers. We were all pizza’d out. While in West Covina I realized we were near IKEA. It seems everyone was in agreement to meatballs, mashed potatoes, and lingonberries. I am grateful we all enjoyed our lunch meal and location. 

Next was the post office. Every time I go in to a post office with arms full of packages they don’t know what to make of me. A conversation ensues and soon they are asking questions and making jokes. A fabric store was next on the list. Unfortunately they did not have the fabric I was looking for. I did find an item to add to my garden at 70% off the regular price. Z2 had the final vote on whether or not to get it. She voted yes so I bought it. A trip to the grocery store was next. By the time this errand was done I was done in. I had no energy to spare. I cancelled the last two “to do items” and came home. 

I knew I needed a real nap today. I asked Z2 if she needed one and she vehemently declined. I laughed at her response. I offered her to watch one of her new DVDs or a movie on her phone. Luckily I was able to get some much needed sleep. When I woke up we spent some time talking about her video content. It was not what she had expected and she rated it a C-.   

I had a wonderful call with Kim, as usual. I so look forward to my calls. I think I know where we will go, but usually we bird walk to another land. I am always better for our calls. I get insight and clarity and homework. Tomorrow Z2 and I will make vision boards. I shall work on my past and she will work on her future. I am grateful for the suggestion and excited for the activity.   

Then my spouse BBQ’d steaks for us. I made salads and biscuits. We had a great meal and I thought we were all stuffed. Z2 knew I had prepped artichokes and asked if she could have hers right away. I am not sure where she puts all the food she inhales. Then I remember she is a growing girl. After that she ate chocolate chip cookies. Not the most usual food combination I have seen.   

After we ate, we played Sequence. It was a cat’s game. It was really fun and she has such terrific strategies she employed. I am grateful for her quick thinking and ability to think ahead. These traits will serve her well. 

Before retiring I was able to talk with three important women in my family. I am grateful for their being in my life. I think I am going to bed. I am exhausted and I don’t feel like I got much done today. I am grateful that tomorrow I have acupuncture first thing in the morning. I always feel so much better after my needles.

Day 282 – LSS Attitude of Gratitude – Sleepy Day – There is always something to be grateful for.

Today I was grateful for getting up early.  It was going to be a long day and I wanted to be ready to go. I had time for my morning meditation. I had time for my hair. I took time to prep a fruit bowl for Z2 and one for my spouse post procedure. I even put in the chicken and potatoes into the crock pot for dinner.

 I got everyone up and off we went to the surgical center. Z2 and I waited for my spouse to be done. He of course wanted a steak ASAP and they politely tried to tell him not to do so. We did go out for omelets though. I took home my spouse afterwards and off he went to sleep off the anesthesia. 

 Z2 and I hung out and I was so tired I decided to wait a bit before doing my errands. I should have taken a real nap but I foolishly did not. I had a SARK Facebook chat and after a short time I fell asleep and missed the rest of it. I gave up and rejoined Z2. 

After a bit we went to get my errands done. I got gas in my car and then went to Ross. They opened a new store in our town and I have been there twice, I think. I helped Z2 look for some shorts and some pants. She  happily found a pair of pants that fit. My spouse called and told me he had awakened and was hungry.  Luckily good food was in the crock pot and ready for him.  Z2 and I went to Sprouts and replenished the quickly dwindling fruit supply. She also requested yogurt and granola. As I don’t eat those, it never occurred to me to have them in the house for her. The final errand was to the grocery store to get paper goods and dairy products.   

We came home and had the prepared lunch. Then we played Oceanopoly again. This time the game was more equal, but she still won in the end. I gave her some ideas for strategy when there are only 2 players. I think she is addicted already. LOL  I was exhausted still and should have taken a real nap, but I did not.

Z2 checked my movie collection and could not find anything that appealed to her. I offered a book to read but she was not interested. So we vegged for awhile and I dozed off for about 20 minutes while she played with the dog.  Then we played the game some more and just hung out. After Z2 had more to eat she was ready to make cookies. I am grateful for a full day with Z2 even if I was tired all day. 

Day 281 – LSS Attitude of Gratitude – Calm Day – There is always something to be grateful for.

Today was an easy calm day. I awoke early to clean out the fridge and put everything in coolers and thermal bags. After placing everything in containers I reloaded them into the fridge so they would stay colder longer.   We were stuck at home until delivery so we finished some chores and of course the S&P shelves. Z2 was so excited that she had finished them all. She wants her hair braided for her 13th birthday in two months. She will need more than the sum I am giving her toward it. I had no idea it was so costly. But I guess 5 or 6 hours of work needs good compensation.   

The delivery men were later than they said they would be, but they were so courteous and careful it was no problem.  They uninstalled my old microwave and reinstalled the new one. Sadly the new one is shorter than the previous one and now there is a two inch gap with no tile back splash. I shall have to figure out how to make it less unsightly. The fridge was so easy for them that you would have thought it was an apartment size. It is even larger than what we had before and so nice looking. After reloading it I know I will have to do some reorganization later.   

We did a few things around the house and just took it easy today. My spouse goes in tomorrow for his scope and had to stay home for the yucky prep solutions. Z2 and I had pizza and loaded it with olives as we are the ones who love them. 

Z2 and I went to Target and she picked out a movie. We watched the chick flick when we came home. Before watching the movie Annie demanded play time and Z2 was happy to oblige. I enjoyed the movie, even though I didn’t expect to. The premise was great. Z2 had her beloved sweet/salty popcorn during the movie. I also got some boxes prepped to be mailed tomorrow.   

All in all in was a calm day. Z2 and I shared some mellow conversations about school next year and the hope that their new home comes to be as expected. She will be happy to be out of the apartment and back in a house again. I am grateful for this time with my only granddaughter. She is very special to me.

Day 280 – LSS Attitude of Gratitude – More Got Done – There is always something to be grateful for.

This morning began early as usual.  I accomplished a few chores before the others woke up. K2 had worked on a few S&P shelves yesterday and wanted to continue today. We started however in the back yard. Z2 hosed off another of the outdoor rugs. My spouse and I rehung the outside decorations to the fence I painted yesterday. Then Z2 painted the top row of the block wall planter in the lower yard. It was a busy morning. After they finished I worked on painting and cleaning up. We had a simple breakfast as today was Taco Tuesday and everyone should be hungry to go to Taco Tuesday.   

We all headed off to a pedicure. I still get a little catch when I get pedicures. It was  a favorite thing to do with my mom. My mom started treating herself to pedicures once we had long conversations about accepting care for things we can’t do ourselves.     Poor Z2 had an inflamed toenail. She admitted it had been hurting her for weeks. The manicurist was very careful with her. After finishing there we went off to Taco Tuesday. The place was packed as usual.  Z2 was happy to be able to pick her own fillings. She ate as much as we did, or more. She wanted her Krispy Kreme to go.  I told her I was happy that she didn’t overdo it.

After lunch we returned home and I opted for a quick nap. I had worked 2 1/2 hours before anyone else woke up. Z2 worked on the S&P shelves while I napped. I asked why and she said she was bored. When I woke, it was off to my acupuncture doctor. I haven’t been for a full appointment in forever. It felt amazing to be able to relax with needles and a tens unit pulsating in my body. 

When I returned home, Z2 and I played beach Monopoly, aka Beachopoly. She stomped me. LOL She was having such a good time. Then she and I continued to work on my shelves. I am so grateful she wants to earn some money and I get help with my chores. We didn’t finish the last few. I am sure they will still be there tomorrow. 

She finally was hungry and asked for dinner. We ate leftovers. We get our new fridge tomorrow and need to get rid of as much stuff as we can. While eating we talked about the retreat in the fall, the options for recreation, and food preferences. She was very intrigued by the idea of the float. We had such pleasant conversations again. I am grateful for this one kid at a time scenario. I am beyond exhausted now and I will be ever so grateful if a sleep for a few good hours this evening.