#WRITEPHOTO – Solitude

Written for KL Caley’s #writephoto prompt. Photo credit: KL Caley.

Locals say she hasn’t left the tiny island in decades. I have no idea why she has agreed to allow me to interview her today. I am thrilled to be able to write a front-page article for the first time. My editor said as long as I dig up some juicy details, I am guaranteed the top story.

I did my research before arriving at this lovely spot. It seems she was left standing at the alter forty years ago. Devastated, she retreated to her family’s summer castle. I am curious to find out if the self-imposed solitude had caused her to become a bitter old crow or a quiet contemplative matron.

Hopefully, since she decided to speak to me, she will share what her solitary life has been like. In my mind, I will write a Pulitzer Prize worthy essay. We shall see.


Mother Nature Calls A Meeting

This week’s Write Photo challenge from KL Caley focuses on the Dress, pictured below. Dress – Image by KL Caley For visually challenged writersthe image shows a traditional ballgown made of leaves and foliage. 

They’ve messed it up so badly. I’ve tried and tried again to impress the frailty of this beautiful blue planet. I’ve sent repeated warnings and they still don’t listen. I can only surmise that it is because they are incapable of comprehending me in my natural form. I am forced to assume an image that they can relate to. Tomorrow, I shall reveal myself in a way that they can understand. I’ve called a meeting for all the leaders to meet with me. My pixies have created the most beautiful gown for me to wear. I hope that this time, they will listen.

#WritePrompt – Remembering My Beloved Aunt

#WRITEPHOTO – Walkers - featured image

KL Caley is the host for the weekly #writephoto prompt!

Walkers – Image by KL Caley

For visually challenged writersthe image shows a stretch of coastline with a variety of walkers making their way along it.


Everyone should come together tomorrow afternoon at the beach. The water and sand sooth my grief filled heart.  It’s been one year tomorrow. We will remember the life of my dear aunt. We each have our own special appreciation of her.  Our connection to her continues as we connect to each other. My heart has been heavy all week. I’ve had little sleep. Once again, my body knew before my brain did. I lit the Yahrzeit candle this evening as the sun set.

Genuine, Heartfelt
Remembering, Fasting, Lighting
Elevate the Departed Soul
Mourning, Visiting, Donating
Poignant, Sincere

Write Photo – Antiques or Rubbish?

Antique – Image by KL Caley who is our host for #writephoto.

For visually challenged writersthe image shows a collection of tables, chairs, lamps, baskets, teddies and other objects in quite a busy space.

Oy vey. I promised myself the last time, would be the last time. For reasons unknown to me, whenever a family member passes away I am given all their worldly goods. Some relatives ask me to look for anything valuable for them. Some ask me to keep important items to hand down to the next generation. Some tell me to just trash everything.

In the beginning, when it was my great grandparents belongings from the old country, I was happy to oblige. And then when some passed away suddenly, I wanted to help ease the burden. But now, it is getting out of hand. I’ve rented a showroom just to store all the larger items. My basement is cluttered wall to wall with G-d knows what. 

My system is to first go through the personal things to shred what should not be seen by the public. Then I search for small items like jewelry that might be meaningful to the family. Next, I try to trash old, dirty, or broken items.  Larger items that are worth rehoming or selling are the most difficult to store. It’s really getting out of hand.   

I told my second cousin, when her parent’s both passed away recently, that I would not do this again. I swore, my personal time had to be spent in a better way. All these memories are dragging me down. The family is shrinking far to fast. I never get to sit with my sadness. I am too busy dealing with the junk my family members collected over their lifetimes.   

Yet, here I am again. I’m looking for some space to store more objects. When do I put a stop to this madness? When do I get to live my life in the present? When do I start to take care of me? 

Writephoto Challenge – Skulls

KL Caley is the host for the Thursday Writephoto Challenge.
This is her photo for this week. It is her own photo.

Welcome to my science class. I will be your biology teacher this year. You may or may not have heard the outrageous stories about my class. I want to let you know, most, of what you hear is untrue. We will begin the year with classification. You will need to understand classification systems you already use in your life. We will then move on to learn about Carl Linnaeus. He published a system for classifying living things. His system allows us to group organizations according to common characteristics.

A pneumonic I teach to help you remember his system is:
Kings – Kingdom
Play – Phylum
Chess – Class
On – Order
Funny – Family
Green – Genus
Squares – Species

This will help you to understand how things are classified from the broad spectrum of the five kingdoms to the specific details of a species. You will learn how to examine organisms to categorize them appropriately. We will then complete lab work where we will investigate skulls and bones to identify what they have in common and what makes them uniquely different.

Oh, and by the way. I offer lots of extra credit if you contribute bones to my labs. But that is strictly off the record.