Writing Prompts – I NEED That Donut


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I’d woken up pretty early this morning. My internal alarm told me to allot more time for self-care before the battery of critics arrived. They were an obstinate faction of the art world who believed only in themselves. I stared at the concierge’s screen attempting to find a worthwhile donut to dunk into my coffee. I was told I would be charged for an upgrade to get what I wanted. My sanity mattered more than the extra cost.

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Sarah Needs A Job

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Sarah was beginning to feel more and more harried with the chaos in her life. Her pile of bills was growing larger by the day. She was tired of hiding from the superintendent. Even though he was an understanding man, he would only wait so long before evicting her.

Sarah needed some inspiration as to what her next move should be. She needed a change of scenery. She decided to get all dressed up in her favorite polka dot dress. To add some sizzle to her outfit, she shoved her tiny feet into a beautiful pair of 5-inch heels.

Sarah decided to go for a walk. She was feeling more playful and relaxed with every step she took. It wasn’t long before she ended up at little pub. She walked up to the bartender and asked for Sprite on the rocks. He questioned her about her choice of beverage. When she informed him that she never drank alcohol, he spontaneously inquired if she would like a job at the pub. He liked the idea of an employee he wouldn’t need to watch imbibing on the job. Sarah might have been given the job, except that she chose to expatiate on her dismal work history. By the time she finished her story, the bartender was worn out from listening to her saga. There was no job offered.

Sarah Goes Job Hunting

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Sarah, the young hostess, wasn’t faring well at fairing down the possibilities of a new job. Her dream of being a hostess in a fancy restaurant, went up in ashes when she broke her boss’s karaoke machine and speakers. Sarah snuck back into the restaurant one last time. She approached the head waiter and asked him about getting a referral from the chief. The waiter quipped, in his nasty way, that it would be impossible for any teenager to be hired as a hostess again. He further explained that her pernicious behavior had all the wait staff snickering behind her back. She left the restaurant deciding that the head waiter was just a flabby boor, who believed only an adult could do her former job.

Sarah needed some inspiration quickly. The balance in her checkbook was less than fifty dollars. Her puppy needed his last shots, and she needed a new lens in her sunglasses. The glasses could wait. The puppy could not. Sarah asked her friends if they knew anyone who lends money to unemployed hostesses. Her prospects were somewhere between slim and none.

Sarah just might have to take that job her cousin offered. Her cousin said it was a golden opportunity to make easy money. Sarah worried about working in a fabric store though. After all, she couldn’t tell the difference between velvet and wool.

MLMM – lens, lends, fairing, faring
#MVB-PROMPT-  ashes, machine, snickering, inspiration
FOWC – referral, quip, nasty
Daily Spur- teenager, velvet
WOTD Challenge – pernicious, flabby
Daily Word Prompt – boor
#EM-RWP – balance, golden
#TTC – puppy
Rag Tag Community – wool



The Chief’s Choice

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The chef decided to launch a new special on his menu. He needed to be sure it would be well received. He didn’t know how to quantify the impressions of the people on his payroll. Instead of haranguing his staff about their lackluster opinions, he decided to offer free samples to his guests. While his patrons waited for their meals to be presented, the chief asked them to please taste his new creation. If they chose to eat the new entrée, he knew it would be a great addition to his menu.