WDYS # 74 The Perfect Spot


Sadje’s picture today is amazingly serene. 

Image credit; Eric Muhr @ Unsplash (For the visually challenged reader, this image shows a forest scene with a path going deep into the forest. The trees at the distance are shrouded in mist)




The artist searched for days to find the perfect spot to paint. She needed to not only find a scene that was delightful, but one that spoke to her inner soul. She traveled deeper and deeper into the forest. She innately knew a suitable location would be found this morning.

Finally, she saw the perfect spot ahead. Not wanting to break the spell of nature’s beauty, she tiptoed into the mist. Her muse was here. Her heart was here. She was confidant that this was the right place.

She set up her supplies and started her painting. To her surprise, her brushes seemed to move by themselves. The art piece not only included the wonderful landscape, but there was something else. It was not a person nor an animal. How do describe something you have never before seen?


What Do You See? #67


Image credit:
Tim Hüfner @ Unsplash

( For the visually challenged reader, the photo shows a partially open gate, which is thrown in relief by a light filtering from a doorway)

Sadje at Keep It Alive gives us the image to create a blog post with. 



Decisions need to be made before exiting.
What is waiting on the other side?
Will anyone meet me when I cross the threshold?
Do I reenter my old life and continue to do whatever I feel like doing no matter the consequences?
Or do I decide to do a 180 and change my path?
I’m too young to follow the trail of my unfortunate family members.
I am tired of traveling through this revolving experience.
I need to decide what my future will be.