Three Line Tales # 272

Sonya is the host of three line tales. Her photo is from Scott Webb via Unsplash.

There is a disclaimer you must sign before boarding the ride at this most unusual park.

The longer you stay on the ride the deeper you travel into your subconscious not knowing where you will end up and not having any control. 

She regretted staying for so long as she faced her true life experiences.


Three Line Tales – Just in Time

Sonja from Three Line Tales presents the graphic above for today’s challenge. The photo is by Miles Loewen via Unsplash.

We made it just in time to give them the precious cargo of the kidney, before the plane took off.

That means that someone, out there, has a new chance at a normal life without being in dialysis.   

I never thought that this would be one of my jobs when I signed up to drive for Uber.

Three Line Tales – #244 – The Race is On

photo by Girl with red hat via Unsplash

Sonya at Three Line Tales gives us this lovely picture as our prompt. All the guidelines are here.

“I’ll bet I can make it from here to that door in less than 30 seconds,” said the young lady in the pretty blue dress.

“No way that’s going to happen in my lifetime,” retorted the older wiser girl. 

She lowered the wheelies on her blue shoes, smiled victoriously,  and quickly sped across the walkway in a mere 29 seconds.