What Do You See?

Sadje is our host for WDYS? For the visually challenged reader, this image shows an elderly man and woman embracing. In the background, people can be seen going about their business.

They promised they would return 50 years later no matter what. They were anxious and excited at the same time. When they parted all those years ago, they doubted they would ever see each other again. She had been a foreign exchange student. He was taking a gap year to travel the world. They were too young at the time to make any long-term plans with each other. They bid each other farewell, with the promise to return in fifty years.

He was now a widower. He’d been alone for way too long. She was divorced and living alone, far from her family. They both decided to make the leap and return to where they met so long ago. Neither knew if the other would be there. They both took a leap of faith.

They saw each other from a distance. Each immediately recognized their lost loved one. The embrace was wonderful. Neither wanted to let go. They had no idea if the other was single or not. At this moment, all that mattered was that they were there together again.