Your Daily Word Prompt – Thanksgiving Mystery

Sheryl has given us the word levitate for the word prompt today.


Yesterday, I searched for the blades that are required to use the electric knife. The knife is only used once or twice a year. So where did they disappear to? Did Martians need them and take them while I was not looking? Did a blade elf come in and hide them at the end of turkey leg? It was a mystery. 

My spouse opened the kitchen drawer where the blades belong but alas, they were not there. Then he opened the flatware drawer, but still they were nowhere to be found. I offered to have my spouse empty the drawers on the counter to better assess what might be there.

After way too long a period of time, we decided to go old school and just use a knife and fork. I decided to check one more place. I brought in a chair and looked in the cabinet above the fridge. Low and behold there were the blades. We were both confidant that we had not stored the blades in such an unusual place. The only explanation had to be that the blades levitated to the cabinet to avoid being used. What other rational explanation could it be? 

This morning, after working on my turkey soup I decided to attack the pile. I cleaned the drawers, recleaned all the items, and made a pile of items to not return to the drawers.
Do I really need six spatulas?  Do I need a cork screw when neither of us drink? Do I need four ice cream scoops?  The list goes on. I kept adding to this pile until I had a full bag to be exiled to the garage.


Now, if the utensils do not again decide to levitate to the cabinet above the fridge, I will be happy.