Sunday Poser #8 – Deep Question

This is Sadje’s 8th prompt and the last for 2020. 

Her wonderful answers are hard to top or disagree with. So there may be some crossover.







I would start with the end of Covid taking lives, destroying families, causing havoc on our lives, and our bodies. This one seems like it should be possible. Hope springs eternal.

I would like to see ALL people treated with equality, kindness, and compassion. This one should be easy, but in this crazy world it is not so. Retraining the minds of those who feel superior would take much more than a vaccine. Maybe a frontal lobotomy might work.   

I would like to see and end to hunger and starvation. It seems that there should be enough for everyone if we prioritize people over financial concerns. Again, this problem has been a consistent one forever. But it is still a change I would like to see.