Word Of The Day – Science

The Word Of The Day is “ Science “.
Write a poem, story or anecdote inspired by this word.

Science has been a part of my life for a loooong time. When my kids were young I would do science experiments with them for fun activities. I was a young , financially poor mom that wanted to teach my kids interesting things. Many a time, I would try to get the kids to try new food items by doing blind taste tests. They were shocked that the store brand was their favorite over name brand peanut butter. They could tell OREOS over any other fake brand every time. Popcorn was a different story. One of my daughters loved Orville and the other air popped anything. 

When I went to college to be a teacher, I was sure I wanted to teach Kinder. While working on my degree, I worked at a Private school teaching K for two years and K/1 for a year. I found that science was one of my favorite things to teach. The school offered a variety of options for science activities. I typically did science every day instead of the every week as recommended. Without a doubt, when a teacher loves a subject, so do the kids. Parents often would ask  for directions for certain activities because their kids couldn’t stop talking about science. 

I did student teaching in a 5th grade double classroom with 70 kids. I was sure I was going to hate the upper elementary  assignment. I had amazing master teacher’s and decided I didn’t want to teach kindergarten anymore. In student teaching you are required to teach every subject of course. When my master teachers saw how much I liked science they gave me free reign to pick any unit I wanted. I had a blast.   

After student teaching I had the wonderful experience of substituting. I finished mid-year because my second block was waived. It was a nice way to peek in teacher’s styles and lessons while subbing. Back then substitutes actually taught and didn’t just sit up front and text all day.  Summer came and it was time to interview for a job. 

I was offered different jobs in grades 2,3, and 5. I took the third grade position. The district was the one I had student taught in and then spent all 35 years there. It was amazing. My school was great. The teachers were all high energy. One part was not so good. I stayed at that school for 5 years. The principal like to move people around, A LOT. I taught 3rd grade for 2 years, then a 3/4 combo. then a 4, then 2nd.  No surprise, language arts and science were my favorite subjects. There were boxes and boxes of science supplies waiting to be used. I was eager to create lessons that had my students wanting more. 

I applied for a transfer to a new middle school that was being built. We were warned that we would be in portables for a year or two. (Which ended up being 5 years.)  I accepted the assignment to teach 5 classes a day of language arts and one elective class. I chose dinosaurs as my elective.  I enjoyed teaching language arts. But teaching, assigning, and correcting 150+ papers a day got old, very fast.

Our school was expanding each year. The second year we added another pod of three teachers. I met with my wonderful principal and she asked if I would like to continue teaching language arts or if I would like to teach science. I jumped at the idea of teaching science. I spent the next 29 years teaching science. I loved it. Most of the years were spent teaching straight 6th grade which is Earth Science. For three years I taught 7/8. Sometimes, depending on numbers enrolled , I taught 4 classes of 6th and one of 7th or 8th.

When I started teaching at the middle school, my class sizes were in the high 20s. When I retired, my classes were in the high 30s. It still was a terrific job that I enjoyed teaching every day.

As I said at every back to school night…..
“I can prove that science is the most important subject. You can learn math without science, but you cannot learn science without math. You can learn history without science, but you cannot learn science without history. You can learn literature without science, but you cannot learn science without literature. Therefore, science is the most important subject. It incorporates all subjects.” (LSS original quote) 

What I learned teaching science is that everyone, everyday is a scientist making decisions using prior knowledge.