Saturday Six Word Story Prompt – Weekend


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Prompt for March 14, 2020 – March 20, 2020 is Weekend

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Retirement means all days are equal.



#SoCs – Pack/Unpack

socs-badge-2019-2020Linda has presented us with another prompt for Stream of Consciousness. It requires us to use her promt in a free form writing activity.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “(un)pack.” Use “pack” or its opposite in your post. Have fun!

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When I think of packing, I am reminded of the chore I had once I retired. My classroom was filled with so many items I was completely overwhelmed. After 35 years, it was time to empty my room. I had been packing and giving away things for a couple of years.

My work husband was the beneficiary of most of my lab materials. I labeled and packed up the labs by topic so he could find the items he needed as he taught his lessons. I also packed up all my seventh-grade materials and gave them to the teachers who might be able to use them.

I packed up papers and materials that I thought my daughter might be able to use, either in her classroom or for my grandkids. She had fun going through the boxes. She took more than I expected which made me happy.

I packed up three large boxes of books and took them to the computer pod for our core students to take. They were funny about getting to take home things that had been in my classroom bookcase. Almost all the students accepted my offer. I was thrilled that over 150 kids had a book to take home. The leftovers were packed up and sent to the other 6th grade core to be given away. I boxed up some games from my class to be given to a nearby school.

Then I had the daunting task of packing everything else I wanted to keep. I brought carload after carload to my garage. It was filled with the remnants of my teaching career. As I brought in the last box from my car, I wondered how long it would take me to unpack the items. I also wondered how long it would take me to realize how much of the stuff was worth bringing home. Or should I say how much was not worth bringing home.

Happily, I have unpacked all the boxes. I have spent a small fortune sending off the majority of my school materials to my cousin. She lives in a rural area where many families homeschool. My spouse took a few trips to Canada driving through MI to also drop off items from me. Delicate and heavy items were packed up and delivered to my cousin. She was grateful to receive my accouterment. She kept items for her grandkids, then doled out the goodies to grateful families.

While I was going through my school boxes in my garage, I decided to also pack up toys and books too young for my grandkids. I sent an email to my former school staff to ask if anyone wanted my items.  I dropped off six or seven boxes to a nearby preschool. I mailed off books to friends and family with little ones I thought might enjoy them. I packed up the last few toys and delivered them to a thrift store I enjoy visiting.

By the time I unpacked, repacked, delivered, and gave away all the unneeded items in my garage I was gleeful about the empty space that was left. I have no intention of refilling my garage. In fact, my current goal is to lessen the amount of unneeded items all around my house.

One More Time – Where I’m From

I was fortunate to read the Where I’m From poems of my friends. It reinforced the reality that we are so very different. We come from varied backgrounds. It made me think about where I’m from now. My life is not the same as it was when I was a child. I am in a place of comfort now. My house, my rules, my joy.

Where I’m From In Retirement

I am from treasured quilts,
from matzoh ball soup and hot chocolate.
I am from planters filled with asparagus ferns, day lilies, and lavender.
Where my green thumb flourished once my house became my own.
I am from lovely queen palms, agapanthus blooms in purple and white,
the majestic jacaranda trees towering over the yard, once only five feet tall,
whose purple flowers blanket the yard in happiness.

I’m from remote controls, cell phones, and sewing machines,
from visiting family and wonderful grandkids.
I’m from where are my keys?
and have you seen my phone?,
from where is my purse? and
why did I come in this room?
I am from grounding myself, gratitude lists,                                                                              and conversations with G-d.

I’m from Annie, the ruling queen of the castle,
alkaline water and prescription meds.
From the menorahs which bring me joy,
to the overwhelming collection of salt and pepper shakers,
and the bowling ball garden.

My bookcases hold what makes me, me.
Treasured novels with secrets yet to be learned,                                                            
scrapbooks with details of a life well lived
to remind me of all I have to be grateful for,
pictures that capture my heritage and loved ones,                                                                  and tchotchkes meaningless to anyone but me.
I am from a home filled with memories
that tell a story of my soul.                                                                                                                As I change and evolve,                                                                                                                      my metamorphosis welcomes the future.

Free Friday – Practicing Gratitude

I had no appointments today. There were things to do, but no time constraints or mandatory commitments. It was rather freeing. I awoke in the wee hours, but eventually went back to sleep for a while. Annie was fed and laundry was started. It was in the 50s this morning.  I debated if I wanted to do my grounding. I eventually decided to wait until later in the day.

I received four robocalls before 9 AM. They are so annoying. I would like the ability to charge companies that call your private number without permission. It is an inconvenience, but not a tragedy. I choose to not have my great day ruined by the many unwanted calls.

I went to the bank and cleared up a problem with a lost check. They were very accommodating and apologized for the “customer service” rep I had spoken with two days ago. I was so grateful to have the issue resolved. There were two more robocalls while at the bank.

I decided I felt well enough to get my turkeys today. Off I went to the store to find the bird and some other necessary elements for Thanksgiving. I knew today was the last day before the chaos begins at the grocery stores. This is the first time in over forty years that I was able to shop without crowds. I often wonder what the people do for a living that are in stores early in the day. Happily, I was finished with my shopping before school was out. I came home in plenty of time to beat the crazy drivers doing after-school pick ups.

After my groceries were put away Annie had her playtime outside. She decided to play with the poop emoji today. It was a gift from my cousin. It no longer makes a poop sound as it has been washed numerous times. I had no need to water my plants, thanks to the glorious rain we had. This meant more Annie time to play and she was giddy. I am grateful we had more outside play time than usual. She decides when she is done. She drops her toys and comes and sits by me to get more love.

While I was glad I waited for the sun to come out, the temperature did not rise to a comfortable degree. My body feels the cold weather in my bones. 50s during the day is a bit uncomfortable for me. I am grateful the forecast for the weekend is in the mid-70s. Then it’s back to the cold weather again.

I debated taking a nap this afternoon. I had no mandatory items to get done. Instead I walked around each room in my house to see what, if anything needed to be finished before next Thursday. The stress is self-imposed and silly. No one will even venture upstairs. My expectations are that everything is clean, tidy, and refreshed if necessary.

I had a few phone calls from friends that lifted my spirits. This feeling of not having to do things is rather addicting. Thanksgiving is a week away and I have cooking to do of course. But I do not have any schoolwork to do. That is amazing.

I am feeling less stress this holiday than I have felt in years. I am grateful that I have a simple menu planned. I am grateful to be celebrating my aunts 94th  birthday next Thursday. I know that my autoimmune diseases are affected by stress. I am grateful that I am learning to lower my stress levels to help take care of my body.