Thinking Thursday

Here in the “not so good old US of A” I have been doing my best to avoid the news. Bits and pieces have unfortunately reached my brain without my consent. Everything is a mess, and nothing is for sure. I know my life goes on no matter what the outcome, but how I adjust to it is the concern.

Tuesday morning, I had my second shingles shot. My doctor had forewarned me that the second was more difficult for all her patients. Knowing I needed both for the 90% effectiveness, I felt I had no choice. The last thing I want is to have shingles again.

 My arm started hurting immediately, but it wasn’t too bad. By Tuesday night I began feeling achy. I woke Wednesday feeling like an 18-wheeler had run over me. All my body parts afflicted with arthritis were turned up to a nine-pain level. I was nauseous, my arm was killing me, I had a horrible headache, and I just felt like crying. I momentarily worried about COVID. I had hugged my youngest grandchild on Sunday and wondered if I had exposed myself.

I then remembered the doc’s warning and decided to just lay low and take care of myself. I couldn’t eat anything and even drinking water made me gag. I finally got down some toast and later applesauce. I was able to sip ginger ale which seemed to help my stomach.

Today I could tell my body was returning to my normal. The usual places hurt the usual amounts. I was finally interested in eating and getting out of bed. Annie was thrilled to have me go out and play with her. I did a few minor things outside and a few chores in the house. I still avoided the news all day.

I kind of lost track of what day it was today. This week has been such a blur. A dear friend has also had a very bad week. I feel deeply for her losses and challenges. I feel selfish when I think about what struggles those, I care about are going through.

I still have a lingering headache. It is pretty bad. I am not one who usually gets headaches. Hopefully, that will decrease as the days go on. Although, I do believe if I actually watch an entire news program, I may have a permanent headache.

All I can do is take care of myself to the best of my ability. I can pray for friends and family as I do on a daily basis. I can send good energy out to the universe for kindness to everyone. I can continue to look for things to be grateful for. I can hold on to the serenity prayer as tightly as possible.

Day 173 – LSS Attitude of Gratitude – Grateful – There is always something to be grateful for.

Today I am grateful for a list of things. My gratitude goes deep and strong.

I am grateful I woke up super early and a dear friend reminded me to meditate.

I am grateful I was able to meditate without medical reasons stopping me.

I am grateful I wrote about my meditation as it brings me clarity.

I am grateful I was able to finish some chores without being wiped out.

I am grateful I found the paperwork needed for an important appointment today.

I am grateful I was able t go to STAPLES to get documents printed. All that new fangled stuff intimidates me. I got it done.

I am grateful the meeting went well with pleasant conversation included.

I am grateful that I expressed genuine gratitude to my lunch companion. 

I am grateful I got some supplies I need for work tomorrow.

I am grateful that I came home and took a nap. 

I am grateful my body is recovering from being more ill than I like to let on. 

I am grateful that these last 10 days I have carefully listened to my bodies needs and shut down as many things as I could to rest and recover.

I am grateful I have wonderful friends who want the best for me.

I am grateful for the universe bringing strong women in to my life. 

I am grateful knowing others care about my happiness. 

I am grateful for my evening call with the dearest of friends.

I am grateful that my spouse is making dinner as I don’t have the energy today.

I have really been feeling such gratitude today. From my aching head to my weary toes I am grateful for where I am right now. I of course made promises to myself that if things go the way I hope I shall do…… 

I am grateful that the universe makes things work out the way they should. I am grateful that I am trying hard not to believe that what I want may not be what the universe plans.