When is Reading Not Reading?

Frank aka PCGuyIV is the host for Truthful Tuesdays. He is looking for us to answer truthfully to his posted question. This week the question is: Aside from those with physical limitations that would impair their ability to actually read, does listening to audio books count as actually reading in your mind? Why or why not?

If you are talking semantics, then no, audio books do not qualify as “reading.” Putting that aside though, my purpose for “reading” is the enjoyment of absorbing what other people have written. There are times and places for each type of reading. I do enjoy the emotional connection between holding and reading an actual book.

My eyes are declining in the ability to read a book for long periods. I had radial keratotomy surgery in 1996. I had no idea that it was not a permanent fix to my coke bottle corrective lenses. According to my eye doc the deterioration will continue. It is a scary concept.

All that aside, my new iPad allows me to enlarge the print size. That is no less reading, than an actual book. I do enjoy audio books too. I wish I could have access to more audio books. As my purpose is to drink in other’s writing, it doesn’t matter to me how I get to do that.


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Day 80 – LSS Attitude of Gratitude – Blog/Food & Books – There is always something to be grateful for.

I am grateful for another morning spent with my grand kids. Everyone was in a much better mood this morning which makes me happy. I woke up early as usual and decided to bake for them. I made banana muffins, strawberry cheesecake muffins, and pancakes. I had fruit for them and I heated their syrup as a treat. Everyone ate well and I was glad to share a pleasant meal with everyone.  They even had some time for Z1 to help my spouse on his new video game and Z2 and Z3 played outside with the dog.  It was a pleasant morning.   

My only “must do” for the day was to deliver gifts to my dear retired friend. I don’t have the ability to see her at work anymore so I planned to drop off items to her home.

After I had successfully completed my mission I was sooooo in the mood for tacos. My spouse likes a place a few cities away that was just “OK” to me the last time we went. Again I was surprised that it was not too crowded. We had terrific hard shell tacos with a wonderful spicy salsa. I was grateful for a yummy lunch that led to a quiet afternoon at home. 

I took some time to read some of a book I just received from Alibris.  I know, my name is Lauren, and I am addicted to books. If I look deep into why they give me so much pleasure I know it is because they were my escape as a child. Books throughout college were a means to an end, the good grades I wanted.  Books now are a pleasure and a source of depth that no social media could ever reach.     

Today I happily had three very good conversations with people I care about. I am grateful for the ability to share joys with other people. Sometimes I think I need to appreciate more of the good times so as to not focus on the absence of what is not present. Convoluted but makes perfect sense to me.   

I am grateful for a quiet evening without any thing to grade, or plan, or create. I have two more weeks of vacation and I hope to utilize it to the max. I would like to get back to more contemplative blogs that allow my mind to stretch. I am a little surprised that it has been 80 days already.  I am so grateful for the women who are taking this journey and sharing their lives. It brings me joy to be on this path.