5 Things Tuesday – Favorite Rainy Day Activities

Dr. Tanya is our hostess for the Five Things series. Her post is  here

Rain is a rarity here in Southern California. It has worsened more and more due to global warming. I am grateful every time we get so much as a little drizzle.

1) I love to sit outside on my covered swing and enjoy watching the rain fall. I have a tin roof covering the swing area so the sounds are joyful as well.

2) Before my aged skin made it impossible, I loved to sit in the hot tub out back and watch the rain. It was great to be in water, watching the water. 

3) Years back, when we had rainy days, I loved to start a fire in the fireplace. The combination of rain outside and a fire inside was wonderful. 

4) When it rains a cold rain, there is nothing like a cup of hot chocolate. If there is whipped cream, then all the better.

5) Rainy days are the perfect time to make soup and bake cookies. The smells add to the joy of the rain.