One Liner Wednesday – July 29

2019-20-1linerweds-badgeOne Liner Wednesday is the brain child of Linda Hill.

Yesterday seemed like it was going to be a total fail. Then things changed for the better.

My spouse and I tried to get a pedicure first thing in the morning. Due to physical limitations, right now neither one of us is capable of doing our own pedicures. As he is a diabetic, foot care is especially important. The establishment’s windows were covered in paper and no one was around. STRIKE ONE




We decided because we were out we should try and acquire some cleaning supplies. Sadly, Target shelves were emptier than they had been in months. Nothing we needed was available. STRIKE TWO.


I asked if we should try the nail salon again, in case their hours were different than posted. They were not open. My spouse said he thought I was referring to the See’s Candy store. Without missing a step, I drove across the street to see if they were open. They have a table on the outside of the store. You cannot enter the store. You call them and they fill your order while you wait outside. The kind woman inside said she remembered us from our order before. The last time we went there I joked with the clerk and thanked her profusely for being so careful and for providing us with the yummy treats. She said we should wait in our car and when she waved we could pick it up. She was again, very pleasant. She put the order in a bag on a tray. Took the payment and happily waved to us. When we examined the contents, we realized she again, had added a wonderful group of samples. I brought home my wonderful dark chocolate California brittle to be consumed in my sweet time. HOME RUN


One Liner Wednesday – July 22


Linda hosts one liner Wednesday. I try to go with whatever feeling is prominent in my brain.

I am feeling the world needs hope right now. I am hoping science wins over stupidity. I am hoping wisdom wins over self interests. I am hoping November changes my world for the better. I am hoping I can stay safe and healthy.

I am holding on to hope with all my might.

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One Liner Wednesday – Life’s Ups and Downs


I have been wanting to do more reading lately, but my clearing out took precedence. I finished my chore of downsizing my S&P collection. Now I must figure out where they will be going. I so wish I knew someone who would enjoy them.

It has been too hot lately to do much outside. I go out very early with Annie and play with her. Then I water the plants and sweep up the jacaranda flowers. By then it is often too warm to do much else.

Today was better, temperature wise. I went outside, played with Annie, watered, swept, and worked on the lower yard planters. I didn’t want to miss a package that was supposed to arrive, so I stayed in the living room. My RING hasn’t been working too well lately.

I continued reading my Becoming book. I am enjoying it very much, but for some reason it is a slow read. Maybe because it is a non-fiction book, which hasn’t been my genre of late. I would really like my granddaughter to read it when I am done. She is a young teen who I believe would enjoy Mrs. Obama’s story.

After the package arrived, I decided to continue reading out back lounging on my swing. There was a cool breeze until about 11:00 AM. My cousin called and we had a lovely conversation.

A special gift from nature usually occurs when while I am talking to her outside. The hummingbirds like to appear while I’m on the phone. Today there were two visiting my yellow flower trees. Then as I told her about the hummingbirds, two more came, and then a fifth. I have never seen that many at one time before. I felt so happy and excited for this gift. I paused our conversation long enough to enjoy their short visit.

After it got too warm outside, I returned into the house to continue reading. I only have 50 or so pages to finish. I like to stop at the end of a chapter. I am not sure how many chapters I still have to go, but I am taking my time and enjoying the read.

I tried without much success to see the replay of our governor’s message from yesterday. I have been avoiding the news, but everyone was buzzing about yesterday’s announcement. Our numbers are unbelievably bad again. Masks are once again being mandated in some counties. Bars, restaurants, gyms, hairdressers, inside malls, and nail salons are to be closed again. Just as expected, more people not following the recommendations has caused a terrible spike. I finally did hear most of the speech on the news. I heard the reality of the need for more sheltering in place. I saw the numbers of new cases and deaths and mourned for the lives lost.

Then I went on Facebook and read posts from my city group. There are always people asking questions about things going on in our city. An intelligent parent questioned what the district was doing about opening schools. The truth is that no decisions have been made because things keep changing. I added my two cents about why it is not safe to return yet. I had some comments returned and I answered those to the best of my ability. The parent asked if I had an answer to the problem of parents needing to work and kids needing the interaction with the teachers. My honest reply was that I do not have the answers, but even one life lost because of returning to school is unacceptable to me.

 The next county over has decided to have all students return in August without social distancing and without masks. Needless to say, the teachers are in an uproar. The county is known for following tRump and negating the seriousness of the pandemic. Whenever the (NOT MY) president comes on the TV I immediately mute it or change the channel. I have no desire to raise my blood pressure because of his insanity.

My spouse and both my daughters are teachers. I fear for their safety. I fear for my grandkids. I fear for my health and wellbeing. I am shocked at the lack of common sense in our country right now.

As nine o’clock rolled in, I still hadn’t done my short walk with Annie. My spouse and I set out on our walk. Annie was thrilled to be exploring her turf again. I appreciated the cool breeze as we walked. Annie only gave us trouble at one spot on the walk. She saw a bunny hopping across the street and didn’t understand why she wasn’t allowed to chase it. We stood, waiting for the bunny to get away before continuing.

I answered a few messages before treating myself to a small bowl of peanut butter cup ice cream. The day seemed to be full of ups and downs. Just like life, I choose to ride the waves as best I can. 

This long post is in reply to Linda Hill’s one liner Wednesday challenge.


One Liner Wednesday – Safety


One Liner Wednesday is brought to us by Linda Hill.


I am not trying to be a pain, but…..   

Whenever my spouse enters the house I still need to remind him to thoroughly wash his hands. His idea of doing a good job, and mine, are vastly different.  If I had a printer, I would print, laminate, and post this in the power room by the front door.