A d’Verse Poetry Prompt – On the Fringe of the Family

Lisa from d’Verse Poets Pub presented four options for poetry today. Her explanation was thorough and a little intimidating to me. This was a memory from childhood again. Yesterday, I went with the earliest memory. Today, I went with my 12 -year-old self, Free verse was the way I went. Hoping it is kosher for the challenge.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to spark on one of these paths:
1. Write a poem using the word edge;
2. Write a poem that keeps Millikin’s question above in mind.
3. Write a poem using the word fringe;
4. Write a poem from the fringe, however you define it.

Another trip to the emergency room.
The diagnosis, a ruptured appendix.
The prognosis, less than a 10% chance of survival.
A frightened child, too aware of what it meant.
A call from mom, to paternal Grandma, to bio-dad.
He preferred to remain on the fringe of the family dynamics.
He told his parents to call the next day to tell him if I survived.
His explanation; he had a golf game to go to.
Bio-dad remained on the fringe and was never seen nor heard from.