April 17 – Scrapbooking Letter N for Notes

N is for Scrapbooking Notes

When I scrapbook my own memories it is easier than when I scrapbook for others. Being given the gift of other people’s pictures is even harder to scrapbook. My dear aunt had the habit of writing notes on the back of her pictures identifying the subject, and often the local and date. When I made her an album for her 90th birthday, I was able to organize the pictures even though I had no idea who some of the people were.

I wish I had written notes on the back of many of my old pictures. I have some photos of my daughter’s with their friends. I have no clue who some of those friends are decades later. When redoing some of my earlier scrapbooks, I excluded some pictures that were exclusively of people I didn’t remember. Had I included names and details, it might have made a difference. Now, when I make my pages I try to always include dates and people names. I do this not only for myself, but for future generations. When I am no longer here, my daughters may wonder when an event occurred and who was there.

As I complete a years worth of scrapbooking, I often still have numerous left over photos. If they are still good pictures, I have an extremely difficult time disposing of them. My usual scenario is to add the pictures to a large manila envelope and write notes as to what is included. When I later make cards, I can read my notes and find the appropriate picture I want to add.


Always write it down
Don’t trust it to memory
You’ll be glad you did