What Do You See? # 91

Sadje is our wonderful hostess of What Do You See? Today’s image is intriguing to me. That means I need to reply. LOL

Sandra had been working in her brick she-shed all day. It was the single place where she could escape the rest of the world. She wasn’t sorry that she had created her space away from everyone. Sandra loved her independence . No one else got the true gist of why she needed to have her retreat. She felt she didn’t need to give anyone a thorough explanation either. It was her business. Being alone meant that she could exercise her creativity. It meant others could not judge how she used her artistic talent.

Sandra had been accused of being petty when she refused to allow anyone else to enter her sacred space. She stood her ground though. Then it happened, her sister Barb arrived. Barb lied, telling some story to Sandra’s spouse pretending that it was urgent she come out to the she-shed.  Barb exclaimed that she had changed and that there would be no drama by her joining Sandra. Barb pushed past Sandra’s husband to not dither any longer.

Barb paused at the entrance, but as soon as they saw each other, a ruction ensued. Sandra knew it was no happenstance that Barb arrived just as she was finishing her latest piece. Barb claimed that she wouldn’t dream of vitiating the art piece. The jealousy between the sisters amplified when Barb saw the quality of the small marble bust Sandra had created.

The two women screamed and cussed at each other, each declaring they were the more talented. In an ornery fit of rage, Barb went over to the boiling tar on the Bunsen burner and poured it over the bust. Barb made a grave mistake. Sandra was vindictive when her art was verbally attacked, so this nervy move was unforgivable. The reprehensible act rankled Sandra to her core.

Sandra purposefully broke the single incandescent light, immediately making the brick shed as dark as night. Sandra was astonished at her own level of rage.  While Sandra justified her actions to herself, she shared what she had done with no one else.

A throng of detectives arrived a few days later.  A thorough investigation was completed. But the disappearance of Barb was never solved. There never was a conviction.

Sandra’s artwork was vapid for many years to come.


The Laundry Monster

I am not sure how many others have to deal with a laundry monster, but I sure do. I am astonished by how much laundry accumulates in my house. I haven’t decided if we are the dirtiest people around or the cleanest. The deluge of laundry in my garage is overwhelming. The monster takes glee in multiplying my pile.

Dirty laundry is my nemesis . I try and try to stay on top of the pile in the laundry bucket. I don’t like to delay doing laundry because I am convinced that it grows in my absence. There must be short rotund tomte sneaking around my house dirtying linens and clothes.  I fold one load, while I wait for the end cycle signal to tell me the next load is dry. Then, I repeat the process again and again. When will it end?

It makes me feel inadequate when the laundry basket is never empty. I see it as a sign that the laundry monster is winning the battle. Perhaps I can figure out why I am being targeted by the silvery haired trickster.

If I am fortunate, the Medium I contacted will come to my house and slyly convince the tomte to vacate my premises. I hope to exclaim to the world that I am all caught up (at least for two days.)

Written for:
Daily Word Prompt- astonish
Ragtag Daily Prompt- deluge – nemesis –
Three Things Challenge – try – dry – why – sly
The Daily Spur – delay – signal – medium
Your Daily Word Prompt – rotund – while
FOWC – repeat – inadequate
Weekly Prompt – sign
Word of the Day Challenge – silvery
MMA Word of the Day – fortunate – exclaim

The Beautiful Mistake

My friend and I went into the convenience store to check out the fodder of snacks on the shelves. I personally don’t care what brand of junk food I get, as long as it has chocolate in it. My friend scanned the options from the front to the back of the shelves. It seemed the agent at the counter thought her motion of touching all the packages was something to be suspicious of. He followed her every move around the store hoping to stop her from using a five-finger discount. I was getting red from embarrassment. I am too much of a chicken to steal anything. 

I had to convince her to stay away from the frosty items because anything in the deep freeze would surely melt by the time we got to the car. She wondered why 100-degree heat would make ice cream melt. Sometimes she can be such an idiot I have to hold my tongue.  

We made our choices and approached the counter. She asked the clerk how high the lottery was this week. He gruffly stated that it had reached $250,000,000. He assumed she wanted a ticket and added the price to our bill. She was too shy to correct him and handed over her credit card.

We headed to the movies and began scarfing down our goodies. By the time our movie was over, the lottery numbers had been drawn. On a lark, we checked our numbers. We read them and reread them. We couldn’t believe our eyes.

We had won the lottery! This was the most beautiful mistake to ever occur. How do you spend that much money?

.MMA – friend, chicken
Daily Word Prompt – brand, fodder
MLMM – Opposing Forces
Daily Spur – agent
MLMM – Sunday Writing Prompt
FOWC – motion, lottery
Three Things Challenge -idiot, shy, high

The Plan To Rid Himself Of His Wife

Image from pixabay.com

The Sunday Writing Prompt over at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie is Reasons for Admission. Write about one or more of the “afflictions” listed above that qualified for Admissions to a Women’s Insane Asylum, 1864-1889. Ignore the circled item. 

He knew he had to make his letter look good. He feared he would only have one chance to get rid of his wife. She no longer made HIM, her entire world. For his plan to work he would need to put on his thinking cap and delve into the latest list of reasons for institutionalizing women. Supposedly, there was science behind this list, unlike the first one. The prerequisites for admission were so drivel that barring an overly sympathetic registrar, he felt he was guaranteed success.

He needed to devise an opportunity to gather information for his letter. He promised his wife a relaxing day attending a festival that demonstrated how Ferris wheels were constructed. As they traveled around the exhibitions, looking at everything, he scrawled in his ledger. She was superstitious about carnival rides. At one point, he heard her express a religious opinion about G-d not wanting people to use these new-fangled rides. She knew chapter and verse about what was in the bible. She claimed this excursion was for him only and she found the entire day monotonous. How dare she not revel in what he enjoyed. She repeatedly complained that her mind was still focused on the upcoming wedding of their son. All these details were going to make his task an easy one to complete.

Upon returning home, he penned his letter to be given to the hospital. He was convinced that under the circumstances he was guaranteed they would have no option but to admit his wife of 20 years. He had no doubt, his wife met the standard of a woman who needed to be committed to an insane asylum.

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MMA Word of the Day cap
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The Magnificent Art Creation

Image credit; Andrew Morris @ Unsplash

It had been such a terribly hectic week. The new instructor challenged the apprentice workers to create some new appealing crockery and glass tableware. She hoped to have the students present amazing tablescapes in the fall county fair exhibition.

Each station was laden with random possible raw materials to use. It was overwhelming to say the least. A class prize was to be given for the most appealing creation. There were also possible ribbons to be earned at the exposition hall.

Luisa began working with the crockery first. She realized that she had added too much to the piece of art. In her anger and frustration with the inability to transfer her thoughts to the piece she squashed it. It was broken beyond repair.

She knew the art piece needed to be simple, but elegant. To win, it should be made from affordable materials but appeal to wealthy tastes.

After days and days of working, her final masterpiece was completed. She lay her charming glass bottle with fairy lights inside, on her desk to be viewed by all. As soon as it was finished, she knew it would appeal to everyone. The lights were mesmerizing when you gazed into the bottle. So simple, yet so amazing.

When she learned that her project earned the class prize she responded with a shrill scream of delight. Her instructor gave her a voucher for a free semester at art school. Luisa knew she was headed for a life of doing what she enjoyed most, creating beauty.

After the class competition, the students decided to celebrate by having a party on the beach. Luisa brought her art piece with her as a reminder of her joyous day. Everyone needed to release the stress from the week’s competition. They frolicked in the water’s edge at low tide. It was their escape from the pressure they had endured. As they ran along the beach, Luisa’s magnificent piece was their guiding light to their way back to the real world.

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Sadje’s What Do You See?
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