Teachers Do It All

My little bit of fiction based on facts. Hopefully, common sense will come to the rescue.



Holy crud. How is this possible? We’ve worked so hard to keep the kids focused and on task. We’ve stuffed our lessons onto PowerPoint presentations so the kids can refer back if needed. We’ve pushed back when the admins said to give the kids busy work so they wouldn’t be too focused on the world news. We have flat out refused to jump down the kid’s throats who were struggling just to stay afloat. We’ve repeatedly questioned if there was going to be state testing this year. The answers were never clear. We are more than concerned with the blatant disregard for the health and well being of the students and staff. We stand together as educators. We know and understand that we must stay apart until we have a real handle on the virus.

Now they’re telling us we need to go back to the classrooms for state testing. Who forget to put on their common sense hats this week?

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