dVerse Tuesday Poetics – Food! Lesson Learned

Sarah is our today at dVerse Poets Pub.  Tuesday  Poetics – Food is our prompt for the day. My thought today was about our trip from CA to CONN when I was a preteen. We were on the run, so to say. It was less than an easy trip. But I learned a valuable lesson, I’ll never forget.



A lesson learned so early in my youth
Three thousand mile trip across the country
Two adults, two kids, lots of luggage too
No stopping at hotels nor restaurants
Grocery store food kept in the coolers
Never got out except to use restrooms
Making bologna sandwiches for lunch
Another driver, worse off than we were
Stopped to chat about the long cross country drive
He looked hungry and weary as he spoke
Mom embarrassed about our meager lunch
Regretted not offering him some food
I learned to be grateful for what I had