Random Thoughts About Blogging


I am spending way more time blogging now than ever before. I am visiting more blogs and enjoying a variety of styles and platforms. The number of gifted bloggers is immense. When someone I follow recommends a blog to take a look at, I do without fail. I follow the people I follow because I enjoy their writing. I then get to see what speaks to me.

I have stated it before, and I shall again, just as a reference point. I began blogging for two reasons. First, I was recovering from PTSD and my doc had me writing “gratitudes” as part of my recovery. Secondly, I was in a wonderful writing group and the teacher challenged us to write a blog for a year. She said it would change our lives. I am happy to say, it did. For a year, I wrote to help myself recover. I was amazed at how so many things were in my world that brought me happiness. I had written gratitude lists many times before, but the blog was something quite different.

When my year was completed, I ventured out into the world of blogging with a new purpose. I wanted to see more of who I was as well as who else shared the world with their writing. I happily found people who posted lovely pictures, meaningful poetry, fun prompts, glimpses into their lives, as well as awesome fiction.  To say that there is more out there than anyone could really respond to is an understatement. I find that I read more than I write, right now. And I am OK with that.

This October will be my second anniversary blogging. I already know I will be in a vastly different head space for a variety of reasons. I look forward to the future with both trepidation and happy anticipation. I have grown as a person with many new tools in my toolbox. Blogging is one of the tools that has helped me express myself. Even responding to question prompts, allows me to be me.

A blog new to me, just posted a political post. While I have extraordinarily strong feelings about the disaster going on in my beloved country, I usually just respond to other people’s posts with my opinion. This today was so on point, I reblogged it. (Another first for me.)

The idea of today’s blog came to me because I realize how much of a novice I still am. Whenever I have a question, I reach out to Maggie at From Cave Walls for help. Today she helped me find where the list of my followers is located. (I googled it without success.) She also showed me how to find the path followers took to get to my blog. I didn’t even know that was a possibility. I am enjoying the learning process. Having been a teacher for 35 plus years, I still believe we learn something new every day. (Or we should!)

My typical practice when someone new follows my blog is to go to their site to see who/what they write about. Sometimes I miss some. Some aren’t blogs at all. (I don’t know exactly what to do with that.) Some bloggers explain other features that are on WordPress that I didn’t even know existed. It is a learning curve for sure.

While working with Maggie today she asked if I had checked my spam folder. This is something I have only done 3 or 4 times. (I know, shame on me.) All but three, were indeed spam. The three were all from a blogger I follow, so I don’t understand why WordPress would put them as spam. I cannot get into the programs head to reprogram it. I apologized to the blogger and thanked her for commenting.

Some bloggers feel like old friends. I read their articles and I feel a kindred spirit.  I am in awe of the talent here. All are gifted in their platforms. Each have their own lives, their own joys, and their own struggles. The fact that they choose to share their talents with the community is a gift I willingly accept.

So, my current random thoughts about blogging is complete for the time being. Anyone who chooses to read this, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am grateful for being a small part of a great community.