SoCS – April 9 – How – Booster Shot # 2

Linda is our host for SoCS.  I am writing my post Friday night and scheduling for tomorrow because I am going to take some nighttime medication. As soon as I saw the prompt, I was pretty sure what I would be writing about.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “how.” Use the word “how” in your post. Bonus points if you start your post with it. Enjoy!

How do you know if and when you should get the booster shot? I an not debating with anyone about getting vaccinated. With my health issues and age, I am a prime candidate for Covid to knock me down. I do what I feel is necessary to stay as safe as possible. I shop early in the morning. I have my medical appointments first thing in the morning. I never go out without a mask.

The entire issue about getting the second booster has been on my mind for awhile. I have read a variety of opinions on the need for a second booster. I have read that it is unnecessary and also that it is imperative for people in my risk group. I have wondered if it would be better to wait until the fall, when there is another upsurge of  cases. I know that the majority of new cases here are never reported. People test at home, and unless they seek medical attention they just take care of themselves on their own. The numbers are currently only about deaths. I feel that any deaths, are too many.

A few weeks ago I spoke with people I trust and they said they were not in favor of getting the second booster right now. The reasoning made sense to me. I am disheartened by the powers that be wanting to pretend Covid is over and done with. It is not.

My main concern is the fact that our governor has lifted the need for masks. Many places here in Los Angeles County are still requiring masks. Those are the places I want to go. Now the medical people I talk too, feel it is a good idea to get the booster tight way.  Yesterday, after speaking with yet another doctor, I decided I would try  to get my booster.

Things lined up in ways I did not expect. I had my morning call with my dear friend. I am dealing with some family drama and I needed an ear. Then I went to my acupuncture/chiropractic appointment when they first opened up. We spoke about the fact that right now, with the mask mandate being lifted, I am in more danger. People without masks are exposing their germs to others because they might be sick and not know it. Worse yet, they might be sick and don’t care enough about others to stay home.

I decided I needed to get a pedicure, It’s been months and months. My feet were a mess. I drove to the nail salon and they were not open yet. I waited until they opened and asked if they could see me without an appointment. They were able to see me immediately. They all wear masks, and have those plastic dividers between the client and themselves. They all wear gloves too. It was an unexpected treat. Then I went across the street and paid by credit card bill. Next, I went down the street to pick up my meds. I went to the pharmacy and asked if I needed an appointment to get my second booster. I was told they had many openings and yes, I needed an appointment. The pharmacist came over to me and told me to fill out the paperwork. She said I could get the booster tight there and then. I felt like the universe was telling me to get the shot. I filled out the paperwork and went and purchased two water bottles. I remembered the protocol from last time. I was told to drink lots of water right before and right after the shot. I finished all but a tiny bit of the first bottle by the time she called me back to get the shot. I opted for the Moderna this time. My other three were Pfizer. I read that mixing them was a good idea.

I went home with very little discomfort where the shot was given. By the time I went to bed, I wasn’t feeling bad at all. In the middle of the night, I awoke numerous time because I rolled over on my arm and it hurt enough to wake me.  This morning I woke up feeling like a truck had run over me. I planned on a do nothing day today. That is pretty much what it’s been. Every spot on my body felt fatigued. My glands were swollen and I felt like crud. I decided to take a half of a gummy. Then I soaked in an Epsom salt bath forever. I took a long nap and when I awoke I was still achy. I took some prescription strength Ibuprofen. It made a huge difference for the better. I spent my day doing nothing.

I plan on taking some meds tonight to sleep. I know, otherwise I will be awake all night. I am not a good sleeper. I feel that right now, sleep is needed to help my body recover. Hopefully, I will wake up Saturday morning feeling totally recovered.