Bright Squares – My Bright Happy Yard

Becky is the host of BrightSquares. The month is almost over and I wanted to make sure to get outside for some bright squares from my garden. It’s been overcast for a couple of days with little sunshine. Sadly, there was no rain for our drought stricken area. Make sure to take time to see the many wonderful bright squares people are sharing.

Springtime flowers bloom
Bringing bees and humming birds
The garden is full of joy

Bright Squares – Happy Bright Days

Becky is the host of BrightSquares. The photos you present must be in the shape of a square. The theme this month is BRIGHT.

This photo from many years ago reminded me of the bright smile my grandson made when he finally agreed to be engulfed in a giant bubble. The museum had many hands on activities and this one was super special.

A brave little man
Surrounded by a bubble
Worried about the POP

Brightly Colored – Bright Square

Sometimes, great minds think alike. Sometimes, great minds think for themselves. Becky’s Bright Square for April 20 is a wonderful mosaic piece of art. I was also thinking Bright Colors. But mine are the bright colors I painted my spare bedroom. I found bright colors for the fabrics I used to make the curtains and the quilt also. 

Colorful fabrics
Welcome you to my guest room
Enjoy your night’s sleep