One liner Wednesday – Nov. 13


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“Let us be gratefu to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” Marcel Proust


I am grateful to so many wonderful, amazing women (and a few great men) who have made me happy and allow my soul to blossom. I am a better, happier person for having you in my life. I read something today that said to be grateful for the people in your lives that bring you joy.  I hope I didn’t forget anyone as my brain tires. 

In no particular order:

Thank you MM for being a soul sister.

Thank you LW for loving our earth and gardens.

Thank you to CO for knowing and keeping al my secrets. 

Thank you ML for starting me on a blogging path.   

Thank you TK for being a great friend. 

Thank you DD for loving me for years and years. 

Thank you HB for being my sister from another mother. 

Thank you KH for bringing me so far in my growth and happiness. 

Thank you TC for our long standing loving friendship. 

Thank you SK for your giving nature. 

Thank you to GT for your friendship and advice. 

Thank you AP for giving my body freedom from constant pain. 

Thank you KG for making my fibro much more manageable.

Thank you BE for teaching me to search for gratitude. 

Thank you BH for being a loving friend. 

Thank you to LD, VS, and JM for your friendship in the writing group and beyond.

Thank you MF for being my loving non related cousin.

Thank you to the numerous sweet and caring women I have met in SARK.

Thank you TW for being a caring work spouse.

I admit that I sometimes think that I am all alone in this world. When I think about the people that bring me joy, I realize I have an amazing tribe. I am grateful for each and every one of you.