MLMM Sunday Writing Prompt

THIS WEEK’S CHALLENGE: Choose either sight, sound, or smell, and write a memory it triggers in you.

I chose to write this evening about the sense of smell. My “smeller” is better than the average person at enjoying wonderful aromas. Unfortunately, the antithesis is also true. My nose is superb at over-smelling foul odors.

For as long as I can remember, I have enjoyed the wafting scent of latkes frying. My mother was an expert at making them perfectly crispy without over cooking them. My brothers and I would race to fill up our plates while they were still scalding hot, right out of the frying pan. Growing up, when it came to latkes, patience was not found at our table. I did not want to be a nuisance, but I had to request she not use onions in her recipe. Once I realized how much damage onions did to my stomach, I tried to stay away from them.   

Another amazing aroma that brings me memories of Mom is spaghetti sauce. As a child, it would simmer all day long on the stove making my stomach yearn for the smell to move to my taste buds. I don’t eat spaghetti at restaurants as they are never as good as Mom made. I am happy to say, that mine is a close second. I too, allow the wonderful aroma to fill my house all day before giving in to the taste.

 Unpleasant odors bring memories too. I can smell a skunk long before anyone else does. Sadly, one time my dogs got in a fight with a skunk, and the smell was horrendous. I tried tomato sauce as recommended by friends. I did not want to disparage their idea, but all that accomplished was turn me off tomatoes for a long time. I am confidant that Ragu will never be eccentric enough to sell Skunk scented sauce. I called the vet and purchased Skunk-Off. (I thought he was joking.) The smell was so bad that after using the lotion I had to throw away the clothes I was wearing to wash the dogs. They smelled “better” but not pleasant enough for kisses for a long time.

Now that I have developed serious “scent” allergies I have to protect myself from fragrances that can be life threatening to me. I can not be exposed to perfumes, scented cleaning products, air fresheners, etc. unless I am willing to risk my throat closing. Happily, food smells just bring me pleasure.  

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A Semester At Music College

It was mid-morning. Her energy level was lacking. She was too mellow for her own good. She knew she had a long day ahead of her but couldn’t see how she would accomplish all her tasks. There was a 10-page report on the rise and fall of the Beatles to finish for her Music Education class. She had six songs to listen to and describe their effect on her growth as a girl/woman for her Music Theory class. That would be an easy one.

She wished she could have an extension on all her assignments. There was one professor in particular, in her Music Production For Media class, that always watched her a little too closely on Zoom when she tossed her hair from side to side. Maybe he’d give her some extra time. It had been a hard semester with all the changes going on in her world.

She hadn’t left her dorm in months. She opted to do something wildly dangerous. She was going to go to the campus store to pick up some snacks. She had lots of spare money because there was nowhere to go to shop right now. The items they had there were by no means healthy, but they would certainly nourish her stressed out mind. Twenty dollars’ worth of chocolates just might get her through this week’s assignments. One can hope.

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FOWC with Fandango

Fandango gives us the word virtuous for his One Word Challenge.


When I think of someone who is virtuous, I think of someone of good moral character. Someone who does not drink, smoke, or abuse drugs or are high on my list of virtues I look for in others.
Then, I thought about ways I strive to be virtuous. I don’t cheat, steal, or have anything to do with unethical practices. I looked for a list of virtues and was more than a little surprised at what I found.
If all of these were virtues that everyone held, the world would be a better place.
Acceptance, Assertiveness, Authenticity, Beauty, Caring, Cleanliness, Commitment, Compassion, Confidence, Consideration, Contentment, Cooperation, Courage, Creativity, Detachment, Determination, Dignity, Encouragement, Enthusiasm, Ethical, Excellence, Fairness, Faith, Flexibility, Forgiveness, Friendliness, Generosity, Gentleness, Graciousness, Gratitude, Harmonious, Helpfulness, Honesty, Honor, Hope, Humility, Idealism, Integrity. Imaginative, Joyfulness, Justice, Kindness, Love, Loyalty, Moderation, Modesty, Optimistic, Orderliness, Passionate, Patience, Peace, Perseverance, Preparedness, Purposefulness, Reliability, Respect, Responsibility, Reverence, Self-discipline, Service, Sincerity, Tact, Temperate, Tenacious, Thankfulness, Tolerance, Trust, Truthfulness, Understanding, Unity, Visionary, Wisdom, Wonder

FOWC with Fandango – Dec. 13

Fandango offers us a word each night to use as a prompt for our blog. Today’s one word challenge is Discover.


I, like the rest of the entire world, would love to wake up and discover that these last months were all a nightmare.
I’d like to discover that all those lives have not been lost.
I’d like to discover that the president graciously accepted his defeat and offered a smooth transition for the new president. 
I’d like to discover that the world has lost its prejudices against people of different colors, religions, and genders.
I’d like to discover that our country is not the laughing stock of the world.
I’d like to discover that there is peace on earth.   

While I know that is a dream, I also know we must each do our part to discover how we can become part of the solution.

FOWC with Fandango – Paradigm

Fandango from 
This, That, and The Other asks us to write a post using his word of the day. Today the word is Paradigm.

Our country established a paradigm long ago on how to run an election for the president.  There are a multitude of questions as to they why and how things are the way they are. I found this answer online and it clears up some misconceptions about the electoral college. I am not knowledgeable enough to know for sure if the electoral college is a benefit or hindrance to political sanity in these days.

It would be hard to do away with the electoral college for two interrelated reasons.
One, if there were a “direct popular vote” system, then a dozen or so large urban areas would be sufficient to elect the President (so presidential candidates would curry favor from those few large urban areas and ignore the remainder of the States/people).
Second to have a “direct popular vote” system you would have to amend the Constitution, which (under Article V), means that (i) you have to have 2/3rds of the Senate AND Representatives agree to the change, AND (ii) you would have to get 3/4ths of the States to ratify the amendment.
In neither case ((i) or (ii)) would this happen because of the prior point.…  

At the Constitutional Convention, the Virginia Plan used as the basis for discussions called for the Executive [i.e., President] to be elected by the Legislature. Delegates from a majority of states agreed to this mode of election. However, a committee formed to work out various details, including the mode of election of the President, recommended instead that the election be by a group of people apportioned among the states in the same numbers as their representatives in Congress…, but chosen by each state “in such manner as its Legislature may direct.” Committee member Gouverneur Morris explained the reasons for the change; among others, there were fears of “intrigue” if the President was chosen by a small group of men who met together regularly, as well as concerns for the independence of the Office of the President. Though some delegates preferred popular election, the committee’s proposal was approved, with minor modifications, on September 6, 1787.
In the Federalist Papers No. 39, James Madison argued that the Constitution was designed to be a mixture of state-based and population-based government. The Congress would have two houses, one state-based (Senate) and the other population-based (House of Representatives) in character, while the President would be elected by a mixture of the two modes, giving some electoral power to the states and some to the people in general. Both the Congress and the President would be elected by mixed state-based and population-based means.

As the election has now taken place, you would think that the outgoing president would abide with the existing paradigm. But that is not happening, as we all know.  A terrific explanation of all that SHOULD be taking place can be found here:

Instead, we are presented with a whiny, complaining, immature man/child who wants to do away with anyone and anything that doesn’t promote his evilness. He wants to put people in office who will forgive/pardon him for all his illegal activities before he concedes the election. (If he ever does) Can you imagine the horrors of tRump being arrested for trespassing in the White House once Biden is sworn in? I can see that happening. 

What Happens If Trump Refuses to Leave?