Fibbing Friday ~ Jan 20

Di is our hostess for Fibbing Friday. Our task is to answer her questions with blatant lies. There is to be no truth in our answers.

1. What is boisterous? a young man who stirs things up
2. What is a womaniser? a woman who sizes up other women in a garment shop
3. What is a faux pas? a pet with an artificial foot
4. Define plumber. a person who gets all the best jobs
5. What is a sous chef? the chef who got hurt on the job and won a huge payoff
6. What is antisocial? the wife of unclesocial
7. Why did they call the wind Maria? because the name Windy was already taken
8. Where would you find a kettle drum? in maw and paw’s kitchen
9. What is a kango drill? the tool dentists use on kangaroos
10. What makes bread rise? reveille played on spoons


Fibbing Friday on Saturday

Di hosts Fibbing Friday,  where we are to write a post with our answers to the ten questions below. But as the title suggests, truth is not an option.

  1. Aurora Borealis is also known as the vapid girl whose eyes bore a hole in your soul.
  2. Who was Farouk Balsara? He was the dancing king of the new style of salsa line dancing.
  3. Chasing Cars is by which group? The Michelin Rounders
  4. What is Detritus? It is the latest dry shampoo for hospital patients.
  5. Eggplant is also known as unfound Easter eggs.
  6. Who is Filbert Fox? He is latest Warner Brothers cartoon character.
  7. Gentoo is a what? A cover up for very large male organs.
  8. Rutabaga is also called the line between your dyed hair and new growth.
  9. What is IPlayer? Someone who is in love with themselves.
  10. Jambo is a greeting in which language? The artistic developers of the product that combines peanut butter and jelly.

Fibbing Friday October 14

It’s Di’s turn to provide us with the Fibbing Friday prompt. Di says, “This week, who could have written these 5 books or sung these 5 songs?”

1. From Here to Eternity. was written by Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story.
Buzz Lightyear.png

2. The Glass Mountain. was written by Cinderella.
3. The Shining was written by Tamatoa from Moana.
Jemaine Clement - Shiny (from Moana) (Official Video)

4. Little Women was written by the Seven Dwarf’s wives.
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs | Disney Movies

5. Pride and Prejudice .was written by Baloo from The Jungle Book.
6. I want it all was sung by the Tramp.

7. Bat out of Hell was sung by Bolt.
Characters bolt.jpeg

8. Space Oddity was sung by Tinkerbell.
9. Help! was sung by Princess Rapunzel in Tangled.
10. For Your Eyes Only was sung by Mirabel in Encanto.
Mirabel in Encanto

Fibbing Friday

Di is at the help for Fibbing Friday today. I’ve been up for more than an hour. Annie has been fed but we haven’t been out to play because it is still dark outside. A physical hint that fall is on its way. What better way to await sunrise than to fib my way online.

“With recent events regarding the UK economy this week, it got me thinking about money. We are all familiar with the abbreviations for various currencies, so what if currency suddenly disappeared? What would you suggest these abbreviations would then stand for if they no longer relate to money?”

1. GBP Gotta Be Prudent
2. USD Useless Silly Directions
3. CHF Chances He’s Finished
4. EUR Everyone Uses Ritalin
5. DOP Don’t Operate Pullies
6. INR Instant Nerd Reaction
7. ISK I Should Know
8. JPY Just Pay Yearly
9. MYR My Your Righteous 
10. THB The House Bends

Fibbing Friday – August 26

Di is still at the help while Melanie is taking some time for herself. Fibbing Friday is a an assignment to tell lies about the questions posted.

1. What is carpal tunnel? It is a tunnel that only people driving in the carpool lane can use.
Free photos of Tunnel

2. What is tennis elbow? A new kind of tennis racket
Frustrated tennis player broke his racket in fit of anger. Broken tennis racket on clay tennis court. Mental health in sports. Negative emotions, stress, dissatisfaction, defeat, crash, failure, loss
3. What is a pulled muscle? A muscle that fights back
Sea muscles on rocks stock photo. Image of dinner, fish ...
4. What is tinnitus? The choir consisting of all former tin man actors
Tin-man - Tin Man Wizard Of Oz Png, transparent png download
5. What are crows feet? The footprints in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre from has been actors

6. What are hammer toes? What they call ballerinas toes after they learn to stand on their toes
Free photos of Ballet shoes
7. What is pink eye? The latest trend in colored contact lenses
8. What is vertigo? It is a vermillion walkway in Japan, that people go to, to realign their chakras. 
Free photos of Japan
9. What are cataracts? A dancing troupe of Siamese cats.
two siamese cats
10. What is swimmer’s ear? The name of a new characteristic on a species of fish found near Chernobyl