E.M.’s Sunday Ramble Prompt #18

It’s time for EM’s Sunday Ramble. She provides questions on a topic of her choice. Today it is “Vacations and Travel.”

Here are the questions:
1) When at the ocean, do you want to be in it, on it, or just look at it? (If you don’t like visiting the ocean, what is a hobby you enjoy on vacation or in general?) I love the ocean. It is my happy place. I used to need to be in the water swimming.  Now I am OK  wading in and getting my feet wet.  Sitting on the beach, when I am stressed, immediately calms me down. 

2) Have you ever surfed or gone snorkeling? I had a friend who tried to teach me to surf. (Back in my teen years) I could stand up for a second or two, and then fell off the board. I went snorkeling in Hawaii with my ex. It was part of an all day cruise. I have used a boogie board successfully many times. 

3) When traveling, do you experiment with the local dining experience or pack a picnic/cook for yourself and anyone with you? I have tried many different foods in numerous countries. I do have my limits though.

4) What is your biggest pet peeve when traveling? Rude tourists. I try to never be one of those.

5) Are you someone who takes a lot of photos on vacation? If so, you can share your favorite vacation photos. (If not, share your favorite vacation story.)
I loved to take tons and toms of photos. My camera hasn’t worked in years so I must rely on my phone to take shots. I do have some amazing photos in my Shutterfly account.  One of my favorite shots was when traveling to Australia and New Zealand with 30 middle school kids. One of our activities was to go scuba diving and snorkeling. I was all suited up in my wet suit. I sadly had a panic attack caused by claustrophobia. The picture was funny, but I was disappointed at my body’s reaction.

E.M.’s Sunday Ramble #17

Photo Courtesy of John Holton

E.M.’s Sunday Ramble this week is about finishing sentences she provides.

  1. The greatest feeling in the world is when I feel loved.
  2. The one thing that I misplace more than anything is my phone. It is black and for some reason I tend to place it on a dark surface making it invisible. 
  3. When I am stressed out, the one item/person/thing that always makes me get back to feeling okay is my dog Annie.
  4. When I am sick, the only thing I want is to be left alone and possibly some chicken soup. 
  5. Whenever I feel like I am procrastinating, I fix it by not fixing it. I’m all about the last minute to get it done. LOL

You can be funny or serious, as it’s completely up to you and how you feel! 

  1. The greatest feeling in the world is when I sit down with a box of See’s Dark Chocolate California Brittle and an ice cold glass of milk.
  2. The one thing that I misplace more than anything is my stream of thought. I start a sentence and then my words disappear. Sometimes they return, and sometimes they don’t. 
  3. When I am stressed out, the one item/person/thing that always makes me get back to feeling okay is freshly baked chocolate fudge brownies with walnuts or pecans. 
  4. When I am sick, the only thing I want is to cast my illness away to some evil world leader who needs it more than I do. 
  5. Whenever I feel like I am procrastinating, I fix it by doing something that makes me happy like baking chocolate chip cookies. 

Sunday Ramble March 6

I am responding today to E.M’s Sunday Ramble, Her topic this week is
“How Are You?“.

Here are the questions:
1) How is the weather where you are today? It’s chilly (60s) here today.
2) What is the perfect weekend vibe for you and yours? In a perfect non-Covid world my weekend would be spent at the beach with grandkids. A picnic would be taken. Waves would be splashed in. Then a stop of at Portillos for their famous hot dogs and hamburgers. The evening would end with watching a movie and eating popcorn snuggling on the couch.

3) What song is the theme song of your world today?

4) What color encompasses how you feel today? Today is light blue. Sadness for the world, yet hopeful signs of spring showing its presence and presents.

5) What is something that makes you feel good today? I felt good prepping packages for my grandkids for St. Patrick’s Day. I have a fair bit of Irish blood and even before I knew that, I loved St. Patrick’s day.  I found some chocolate leprechauns for the grands and chocolate gold coins of course.

I an enjoying the daffodils sharing their beauty every day. The more that bloom, the more joy I have.

Sunday Ramble – Feb. 20

Amy from E.M.’s Sunday Ramble Prompt has questions today about Technology and The Future.

Here are the questions:
1) Are there any applications on your mobile device, tablets, etc. that you cannot live without? Feel free to ramble about them! Maybe we will learn new apps that will become important in our own lives. The only APP I can’t live without is my Google Maps. I am directionally impaired and it has given me the confidence to go my medical appointments by myself. 

2) Do you prefer Apple or Android? Android. I am familiar with it and my daughter and grandkids have Apple, which seems more difficult to me.

3) Windows OS or MacOS? Windows for sure. I used Apple years and years ago at school. I was worried when they switched away from Apple computers. Windows feels more user friendly to me now.

4) What do you wish that you would have placed in a time capsule 15+ years ago to have access to now? Apple Stocks
$1,000 investment 15 years ago would be worth $58,818.94 today based on a price of $150.9474 for AAPL at the time of writing. In other words, you would have more than 50X’d your money.

5) When you think of the what the world will look like 50 years from now, what does that future look like through your eyes? Go as sci-fi and/or fantasy as you would like and ramble on however you wish to ramble 🙂
I doubt there is any chance of my being around in 50 years. I worry about what the world will be like for my grandchildren. Perhaps their life will be like a sci-fi movie. 

Photo by Sasha Rubaniuk on Unsplash

E.M.’s Sunday Ramble Prompt #11

E.M.’s Sunday Ramble Prompt #11 - featured image

EM’s topic this week is Would You Rather?“.

Here are the questions:
1) Would you rather be the hero that saved the girl or the villain that took over the world? I’d rather be the shero any day. I have no desire to take over the world, or to be a villain.

2) Would you rather have a skin that changes color based on your emotions or tattoos that appear all over your body whenever you are dishonest? I’d love to be the odd duck who had skin that changed colors. I wouldn’t want to give away my secret dishonesty, even if it is only little white lies.

3) Would you rather have unlimited pizza 🍕 for life or unlimited tacos 🌮 for life? This depends on the tacos and the pizza. In reality, a steady diet of either would cause havoc on my body. But as long as I am dreaming of having unlimited amounts, I’ll go with GOOD tacos. Both are heavenly if done right. If talking fast food tacos, or many chain pizzas, I’d pass on either.

4) Would you rather own a key that can open any door for you or be able to visit any place you want? Again suspending, reality, real difficulties with doing either must take place. If I could visit any place I wanted to without cost, pain in traveling, or time constraints, I’d go with visiting places. I’ve never been to Scotland or Wales, which are on my bucket list.

5) Would you rather wake up in a dark forest or wake up on a deserted beach? I’m definitely reading too much onto the fun questions. I’d be scared silly waking in a dark forest. I wouldn’t cope well for even a short period of time.  I’d rather wake up on a deserted beach. I would enjoy the beach for a longer period before freaking out. BUT, if it meant for days on end, I’d skip both. LOL