d’Verse ~ Poets Pub ~ Lights

Today at d’Verse Poets Pub, Sarah asked us to write a poem about light. A Septolet came to mind immediately.

Three generations
Light menorahs
Recited together

Candles glow
Emanating traditions
Through family lines





Dia De Los Muertos – Remembering Mom

Nodding off in your chair with a sleeping cat on your lap

Only waking when a visitor arrived at your door

Very special memories of the delicious holiday foods you’d cook

Each fall you would request the exact foot sizes of grandkids and great grandkids

Making slipper socks for Hanukkah was your love language

Being alone never really suited you

Each time we’d bring my grandkids I knew it would

Replenish your vessel of love

Written for W3 Prompt #27 where Paula asks us to compose an acrostic poem using the word ‘NOVEMBER.’

Written for dVerse poetics. where our host, Mish, has asked us to write a poem commemorating a loved one we have lost, in the spirit of  Dia De Los Muertos, the “Day of the Dead”.

Written for TTC (nod, memories),  The Daily Spur (cook), RDP (visitor),

dVerse Poets Pub – The Restaurant


memories of restaurant eating

fond recollections of special foods

menu choices make my mouth water

chicken soup, gigantic matzo balls

tender brisket that melts in your mouth

abundant crisp veggies shared by all

generations communicating

conversations yummy as the food

we depart uncomfortably full

stop for ice cream before going home


dVerse Poets Pub
Tuesday Poetics Challenge
Hosted by Merril

At The Restaurant ~


d’Verse Haibun Monday – Look Up

                    Merril’s prompt for Haibun Monday at d’Verse is Looking Up.

Today began with hopes of a perfect Monday morning. I accomplished numerous household chores before my water physical therapy appointment. The pool water was actually too warm on this hot August day. I decided to reward myself after my workout, with two tacos from the hole in the wall restaurant that I love. As I left with my to-go bag, I thought I saw raindrops on the ground. I looked up, and to my sheer delight the sky opened up with much needed showers. I purposely stood in the rain for a few moments, laughing at the fact that just a little while before I was toweling off from my swim exercises. Now, I stood enjoying the cool raindrops. I returned to the dryness of my car to avoid soggy tacos. Sadly, ten minutes away there was no rain. My drive home was unaccompanied by the much-needed liquid sunshine.

Dry cracked ground waiting
Thirsty flowers withering
Drought troubles the earth