My Present Moment – dVerse’ Haibun Monday

Frank is the host for dVerse’ Haibun Monday.  Frank says: “Let us now bear witness to the present moment! However you experience it, write a haibun that expresses the present moment.”

I’ve only written one other Haibun before. It too, was for a dVerse poetry challenge. The last one stirred up strong emotion. This one feels calmer in many ways.

I am relaxed, resting, on my freshly made king-sized bed. The flannel sheets have been exiled to the closet in hopes of promised warmer days. I am tired from a physically and emotionally charged day.  Annie is laying on her bed, awaiting the next outside noise that will require her to bolt out her doggie door to save me from the wild critters. I was, reluctantly, able to resist the Rocky Road Ice Cream in the freezer. I will indulge in a few dark chocolate covered almonds I brought into the bedroom. After all, almonds and dark chocolate are healthy foods. At least they are in my book.

I am aware that the wind has calmed down for the moment because I can no longer hear my wind chimes. Happily, the din of the freeway is not too loud this evening. The picturesque moon is playing hide and seek with the clouds. It is so bright that it almost seems like someone is turning on lights in my back yard.  I am using my evening hours reading blogs that connect me to other wonderful people. I hope to relax enough to get a few hours of restful sleep

 My old body fights
Fluctuating temperatures
So no sleep for me


Be Swift or Lose Your Chance

Written for Sarah’s dVerse quadrille challenge. The word prompt is swift.

A Quadrille is a poem of exactly 44 words excluding the title.




awake before the sunrise
log in to the website
swiftly enter your particulars
if the powers that be
are on your side
you will achieve your objective
your mission
to join the immunized
will be completed
now you can safely
hug your loved ones


A d’Verse Poetry Prompt – On the Fringe of the Family

Lisa from d’Verse Poets Pub presented four options for poetry today. Her explanation was thorough and a little intimidating to me. This was a memory from childhood again. Yesterday, I went with the earliest memory. Today, I went with my 12 -year-old self, Free verse was the way I went. Hoping it is kosher for the challenge.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to spark on one of these paths:
1. Write a poem using the word edge;
2. Write a poem that keeps Millikin’s question above in mind.
3. Write a poem using the word fringe;
4. Write a poem from the fringe, however you define it.

Another trip to the emergency room.
The diagnosis, a ruptured appendix.
The prognosis, less than a 10% chance of survival.
A frightened child, too aware of what it meant.
A call from mom, to paternal Grandma, to bio-dad.
He preferred to remain on the fringe of the family dynamics.
He told his parents to call the next day to tell him if I survived.
His explanation; he had a golf game to go to.
Bio-dad remained on the fringe and was never seen nor heard from.